Our programs

Most of the foundation’s work is concentrated on the Children’s Clinic at the Institute of Neurosurgery in Kyiv (named after Academic Romodanov), and other hospitals that perform pediatric neurosurgery.

On-going programs:


Treatment funding

of abandoned, orphaned children and children from low-income families, who are seeking care in the Children’s Clinic of the Kyiv’s Institute of Neurosurgery (named after Academic Ramadanov). It includes buying everything required for surgery and treatment: antibiotics, shunts, surgical sets, etc… As well as clothes, baby bottles, formula, baby food, diapers, etc — when necessary.

How the treatment funding program works —>

Patronage of children with Neurosurgical needs in the Ukrainian orphanages

We do our best to supervise our children after they have been discharged — we call the orphanages, reminding about the prescribed procedures (massages, medicine, etc), buy the required medication. We cultivate our relationship with the orphanages’ management, so we can stay updated on our children’s wellbeing. Help provide children with necessary medical and social rehabilitation.

We do face challenges, however. It is not uncommon for the management of the orphanage to refuse our help and fight our involvement in the child’s life.

Psychological help and support

is especially important to people going through rough times. Being in shock, dealing with the crush of the bright dream of the careless future with a healthy, happy baby, post-partum depression, lack of support from husband and family, baby’s pain… This is everything that young mothers have to deal with at once. We have three support programs for them:

1. Psychological help to mothers of very sick children: Weekly group activity with an experienced psychologist. They come in courses of four sessions. Also, we distribute useful literature. 

2. Katrusya’s cinemaSetting up a home-cinema in the hall of the clinic on weekends. Projector, screen, speakers and a good cartoon gives children and their mothers a possibility to forget their troubles for a couple of hours.
3. Organizing concerts and theme nights… with gifts for the children on New Year’s, Easter, St. Nicholas Day, etc. Those are the days when people are extremely hopeful of a miracle.

Medical equipment and disposables

1. Purchase of medical equipment, instruments, disposables.
2. Improvement of the conditions of a hospital stay: repairs, windows, heat insulation, appliances, cleaning supplies…

Just dreams… for now :))

To open a specialized rehabilitation center.

It is extremely hard to accept that no matter how much time and money is spent on the medical treatment, all the potential of even the most promising children can and will deteriorate in the walls of our governmental institutions. We live in the reality where  heavily disabled children stay in their cribs for months with no one talking or paying much attention to them. In this reality, even the most promising and relatively healthy children become socially disabled at some point.