Oxygen concentrator for the Pryluky orphanage


Typically, in Kiev, such kids get transferred to a hospital where they spend months in hospital beds. Kids, that have respiratory arrests. Apnea. The hospitals, however, do not have staff to care for these children, to play with them, there are no developmental activities, no physical therapy… A few months ago a new baby with […]

Zhenya the Froggie, 6 y.o., Cerebral Palsy, Boyarka Orphanage


We’ve been asked by the orphanage employees to take under our care one more boy, five year old Zhenya. He was abandoned as a baby and doesn’t have anyone visiting or caring about him. Zhenya has Cerebral Palsy and is in the same group as most of our kids, so he also be taking part […]

Zhenya K. «Karlsonchik», 2 y.o., shunt malfunction


We know Zhenya for over a year now! He’s our old friend from the orphanage in Chernihiv region. The first time we met him, he captured our hearts with his ability to eat from the spoon in his sleep :))) Zhenya’s shunt placement surgery took place in Chernihiv. We have later brought him to Kiev […]

Svetlana N., 1 y.o., multiple defects + hydrocephalus


First appeal: Vika is in the neonatal intensive care unit at the Ohmadet hospital. She was born at 32 weeks, weighing 1.6 kg. Her parents did not officially abandon the girl, but they do not visit her. Last week, her stomach has been operated on, and yesterday (19/06/15), around 7 pm, the doctors performed emergency […]

Rehabilitation course for Roma and Andriy from orphanage in Boyarka at the Clinic of V. Kozyavkin


We have arranged for the two of “our” children in the orphanage in Boyarka to go to a 12-day rehabilitation course in one of the best rehabilitation clinics in Ukraine. Roma K. and Andriy G. Both kids have had surgeries at the Institute of Neurosurgery and are supervised by our volunteers from the Patronage Program. […]

Discharged! :)) Andriy P., 9 months old, orphan, congenital heart defect

Andriy P 5

Andriy was introduced to us by the Head Physician at one of the orphanages during a visit in September. He has a very complex congenital heart defect. He’s completely missing the right ventricle, and some of the valves and septums. Andriy also has some sort of circulatory system pathology. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to fix it […]

Patronage. Roma V., 6 months old, orphan, tumor


Roma was supposed to come last week, but only got here today. A full checkup and preparation for the surgery is planned for tomorrow. Roma has been abandoned twice… First by his birth parents, and then again, by his adoptive parents, after they’ve learned about his condition. Roma is from Pryluky, where we took Timofey […]

2-3 diapers per group per day. Diaper shortage in the orphanages of Ukraine


Funds allocated by the government for the children at the orphanages aren’t enough even for the basic needs. We have been buying medication for the disabled kids at the orphanages for years now, even the most basic medication, such as paracetamol, as well as any kind of «special» formula. If, for some reason, a baby […]

Hot water for the orphanage in Pryluky


There are about 100 children living at the “Nadiya” orphanage in Pryluky. Some of them are children with disabilities. Three of them are under our care (as they require neurosurgical treatment). The orphanage doesn’t have hot water. They’ve asked us to buy 4 heating boilers, 100 liters each, so they could bathe the children. As it turned […]

Supporting the «Nadiya» orphanage in Pryluky


There are about 100 children living at the “Nadiya” orphanage in Pryluky. Some of them are children with disabilities. Two of them were under our care in the Institute of Neurosurgery: Tima and Roma. This post is not about them, however, it’s about all the children there… And their current needs: Medicine for children who […]

Боярський будинок дитини, поїздка 9/07/15

11416282_528969967242233_8134404538289058650_o (1)

Сьогодни був дуууже насичений день. Провідали — пообіймали — потискали-погуляли — купили ліки 10-ти нашим комашкам. Ледь додому добралася о пів на дев’яту вечора. Доки пам’ятаю, спробую розказати все по черзі )) ВІДМОВНІ ДІТИ В ОХМАТДИТІ 1) Вікторія Н. Віку сьогодні оперували. З самого ранку @Наталья Гращенкова збігала за шунтом до операції та перед Бояркою […]

Patronage. Andrey G., 3 years old, hydrocephalus + cerebral spastic infantile paralysis


Andriy G. was born in 2012. He had a shunt placement surgery in August 2012 and in October 2012 — a shunt revision surgery.  Aside from the hydrocephalus, Andriy also has spastic tetraparesis (severe form cerebral spastic paralysis). Andrii YouTube video channel — https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKWrtz3p2QaycedRENDVopJ2_DQgmlg6D UPD 10 DEC 15 Andriy G. was hospitalized again last week (something […]

Patronage. Bogana P, 2 weeks old, hemorrhage


An urgent case. A premature newborn girl, Bogdana, weighing just 1 kilogram. She was one of twins — the other girl unfortunately didn’t make it. She is the fifth child in the family. Currently located at the rehabilitation unit of Ohmatdet. Yesterday Bogdana underwent a surgery that enabled for the doctors to fit in a […]

Патронаж нейрохирургических детей в Боярском доме ребенка


На сайті публікуються не всі поїздки. Всі — в нашій групі на фейсбуці: www.facebook.com/31June або по хештегу #катявбоярці ))) Їздимо регулярно. 1-2 рази на тиждень. Допомогти допомагати можна: 1) Скинувши гроші на карту Приватбанку: 5168 7556 0334 5063 Керезь Катерина Ігорівна або на офіційний рахунок фонду з позначкою — Благодийній внесок без НДС на Боярку. […]

Патронаж. Тимофей С., 6 месяцев, спинно-мозговая грыжа


Тимофей С. — родился 30.11.14. Доношен. Диагноз — Спина Бифида. 01.12.14 поступил в детское отделение нейрохирургии. Родители испугались диагноза и инвалидности малыша и приняли решение отказаться от ребенка. Вечером в отделение приезжала бабушка. У Тимофея грыжа подтекает (с ликвореей) и требуется срочная операция. Обратились за помощью медики, так как ничего практически для проведения операции нет. […]

Discharged. Serafim, 1 year old, spina bifida


Nameless baby boy. In the ICU. In critical condition. The doctor is trying to manage the stomach and lungs problems first, so the boy will be stronger before going into surgery. He is premature. Weight — 1.6kg. Diagnosis — spina bifida + some pathology with legs. No documents. Mom just him and left. No father, […]

Patronage. Nikita Ch., 6 months old, spina bifida


Vanya is a code name. The boy doesn’t have an official name yet. He was born with spinal hearnia, weighing 1.5 kg. He’s been abandoned by his parents. He was operated on by a neurosurgeon of the Institute of Neurosurgery and Ohmatdet. He’s been hospitalized at the Ohmatdet since August. His first parcel was delivered […]

Патронаж. Мельник Никита, 1 год, кровоизлияние


Внезапно у Никиты случился приступ: он начал задыхаться, а потом потерял сознание. Из Броваров его доставили в Ин-т Нейрохирургии. Состояние — очень тяжелое. Доктора подозревают травму головы. Ребенок в реанимации. Мама сейчас поехала за вторым малышом (2,5 годика, не с кем оставить) и завтра приедет утром в больницу вместе с ним. Денег у мамы нет […]