Optical tube of the Hopkins Neuroendoscope for the Pediatric OR of the Institute of Neurosurgery. Urgent!

We are currently in the situation where we don’t know what to start with: electric drill, endoscope, neuromonitor, lung ventilator… We need everything, and we need it now! This is the equipment children’s lives depend on. It’s frightening when the Pediatric Department where most surgeries are very complex doesn’t have the necessary equipment.
Would you go to the dentist whose equipment has been outdated for the past decade? You wouldn’t. But in the case of the Institute of Neurosurgery — you don’t have a choice, as the surgeries aren’t optional and without them your kids will die 100%.

Last Friday the optic tube of the Hopkins Neuroendoscope has broken. The one we bought in November 2016. It is being sent back to Germany, to the manufacturer, to see if it can be fixed. It can take up to 6 months. Many surgeries, especially the tumor removal ones, cannot be performed without it. The doctors are  borrowing equipment from other hospitals, but this is in no way a long term solution (even just because the two Pediatric ORs have 3-6 surgeries daily). And each OR needs their own equipment.
So, we are starting to fundraise for this equipment — again!

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Pictured in the endoscope during the surgery of one of the Fund’s kids.


Neuroendoscope is a surgical tool which allows performing brain surgeries through a small opening on great depth with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. The diameter of the optic tube in only 3-4 mm. All the other instruments are inserted through it. The image of the surface is projected to a big screen and a microscope.

endoscope 2

The manufacturer of this equipment in Karl Storz company. The price is 156,000 UAH ($5,800). They only work with full payment upfront, after which the delivery to Ukraine will take 3-4 months. However, as far as we know, the soonest delivery to Ukraine will be in May, so we need to raise this amount by the end of April.

Please help us do it!

To make a donation, please visit the How to Donate page!

endoscope 3 endoscope 4

To make a donation, please visit the How to Donate page!