Vlad Titov, 4 y.o., tumor

It all started with a fall from a chair at the age of one and a half years… To make sure everything was fine the parents insisted on a CAT scan, which showed that Vlad had a cyst. Did it form as a result of the fall or was it there all along the doctors can’t say. Vlad was under observation of a neurologist.
In November 2016 Vlad started feeling much worse. The doctors had an MRI done and the next day, without really explaining anything to the parents, he was referred to the Institute of Neurosurgery in Kiev.
In Kiev, Vlad got all tests done again, and unfortunately, the diagnosis was confirmed. The cysy has turned into a tumor, which started growing and compressing surrounding brain tissue. Vlad was immediately taken into surgery, on Monday, November 28th. His parents were not ready for such a turn of events (and who could have been?) and they did not have enough money for the surgery. We also did not have enough time to raise funds specifically for Vlad, so we paid for the missing supplies and meds for the surgery (about 5,000 UAH — $195) with the money from the Urgent Kids’ Fund.
We still need help with paying for the postop treatment!

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Vlad Titov