Rehabilitation. Nikita and Vanya Koshilevy, 3 y.o., CP

Vanya and Nikita were born prematurely, at 33 weeks of pregnancy, weighing 1.7 kg. The babies were taken to the NICU and the doctors said that the babies might not survive.
Their father took it very hard, he couldn’t sleep, drove all around the city looking for the necessary meds… When the boys were 3 months old, their father, at the age of 29, died of a heart failure.
The babies survived! Since that time, their mother has no financial, physical and even emotional support from anyone… She’s doing everything she can to get her kids everything they need.
The boys are very active, they learned to turn over, are trying to crawl and can say «mama». To help them with their development they need constant rehabilittaiton courses, for which their mother doesn’t have the money.

One course in the «Step by Step» clinic costs 7,000 UAH ($268) for each child, but the Clinic is giving the family a discount and are willing to take them both for 10,000 UAH ($385).

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