$7,000 — Blood testing fund for Pediatric ICU


Olga (the name was changed) was brought to the Institute of Neurosurgery in an ambulance. A young woman of 35 years lost consciousness at work. By the time she got to the Institute she was already in a coma. Olga was admitted to the ICU and hooked up to the machines. For the next couple […]

Fogarty Balloon Catheters for Endoscopy — Fundraiser


  Friends, we need your help again in raising funds for surgical instruments. We’re getting more children every day; there is a immense deficiency in equipment. I’m not even talking about the intense usage of the existing equipment, which causes constant need for repairs and replacement of system components. Ventriculostomy is one of the most […]

St. Nicholas Day at the Clinic


  donor.org.ua and our foundation have been on the St. Nicholas’s Angels team today, at the Institute of Neurosurgery. Today we understood that to be a proper angel you need to be kind, compassionate and be able to sing :)) 50 children from the Clinic met exactly the right kind of angels today. Each of […]

Repairs for a Kiss :))


  30/8/12 Update Guess what this beautiful room is? YES-YES-YES! It’s our newly fixed up on-call room! We had a little money leftover after the repair works, which we already used for a couch (2100 UAH), but we still need a wardrobe, two tables and four chairs. Thank you everyone who participated in our initiative! […]

Реальное положение детей-инвалидов в Украине. Усыновление украинских детей глазами американцев

Палата для лежачих детей одного их приютов

Это — фотографии из блогов американских семей, которые усыновили, а вернее – спасли детей из Украины. Фото до и фото после. Саша. Месяц назад этот ребенок был почти «мертвым», все время лежащим в кроватке. Всего месяц спустя после усыновления американским пастором — Саша уже ползает, играет и пытается общаться. Источник: http://deti.zp.ua/show_article.php?a_id=505739 О Саше писали на […]