Ira U., 3 y.o., spina bifida and hydrocephalus

Ira is from an orphanage in Kirovograd region. She was admitted yesterday afternoon, needing a shunt replacement surgery.
The girl is very active, friendly, very independent, asks loads of questions: «Who are you? What are you doing? Who are you calling? What is this picture? Why is it her?» Very sociable and bright child :) Ira cannot walk on her own, but she does sit up and can hold her back straight, eats on her own! She’s very smart and has great potential!
She had her full work-up today and the surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, 10 am. All the meds, the new shunt and the disposables are ready and Natalia will go pick the up at 9 am tomorrow. She will need to pay for them right away…
The shunt is of Ukrainian manufacturer. Algother we will need approximately 10,000 UAH ($380) for Ira’s treatment.

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Ira U.