Vlad Titov, 4 y.o., tumor

Vlad Titov

It all started with a fall from a chair at the age of one and a half years… To make sure everything was fine the parents insisted on a CAT scan, which showed that Vlad had a cyst. Did it form as a result of the fall or was it there all along the doctors […]

Ira U., 3 y.o., spina bifida and hydrocephalus

Ira U.

Ira is from an orphanage in Kirovograd region. She was admitted yesterday afternoon, needing a shunt replacement surgery. The girl is very active, friendly, very independent, asks loads of questions: «Who are you? What are you doing? Who are you calling? What is this picture? Why is it her?» Very sociable and bright child Ira […]

Rehabilitation. Gurtovoi Andriy, 8 y.o., abnormal development of the cervical section of the spine post injury


  First appeal 06 JULY 2016 The boy is being raised by his aunt. At the age of 5 years old the child fell at the kindergarten and injured his neck. A few months later he got partial paralysis of the limbs. Andriy’s aunt brought him to the Institute of Neurosurgery in Kyiv. It took […]

Bezruchenko Bogdan, 4 months old, hydrocephalus


The family is from the ATO zone. Two years ago they moved from Luhansk to Kiev with a little child. In May 2016, at 28 weeks of pregnancy, the twins were born: Mark and Bogdan. The boys were born weighing 980 and 960 grams. Right after the birth they were put in the NICU and […]

Yana R., 4 y.o., Lacrimal Duct Atresia


The child was born prematurely at 33-34 weeks of pregnancy, weighing 2080 grams, with multiple health problems. She entered the orphanage at the age of three years. She has already had a couple of surgeries, including on her heart. After the surgery she got much better, became more active and lively. Now the child is […]

Fesenko Angelina, 2 months old, hydrocephalus


Angelina is one of the triplets. Long-awaited, extremely loved children. The pregnancy was going well, but the babies were born prematurely, at 31 weeks. Two boys and one girl. All three babies were very weak and could not breath on their own and went straight to the ICU. A couple of weeks later, during the transfer […]

Returned. Schur Sofia, 7 months old. Hysrocephalus, malfunction


The girl was born prematurely, at 7 months… The pregnancy went well, no one expected this. As a result of a heamorrhage during birth the girl got hydrocephalus. She was brought to the Institute end of last week. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. The cost of the shunting system and the surgical supplies is about […]

Returned Maksimenko (Ivanov) Kiril, 4 y.o., spina bifida


25.04.2013 Kiril is 4 years old From a small town in Zaporizzya region, raised by a single mom. In 2009 he had a surgery in Zaporizzya. The child has a disability. He was admitted to the Pediatric Department at the Institute of Neurosurgery on 20.04.2013 with the diagnosis of postoperative dermal sinus lumbar spine. UPD […]

Returned(( Golik Sofia, 2.5 y.o., tumor


Sofia is the third daughter in a family from Chernihiv region. Her mother is raising all three kids on her own. Everything was fine, Sofia was developing well; she was drawing, playing, didn’t get sick too often. Half a year ago her right had started to act weird — shaking in stressful or scary moments. […]

Varenikin Yaroslav, 6 y.o., tumor, child from the ATO zone


The family is from Donetsk region. In July the child started complaining of headache. At the local hospital he was diagnosed with myositis, but the couple weeks of treatment did not bring any results. Instead, Yaroslav started feeling worse, the pain got stronger. On August 5th of 2016 his parents took him to the Neurosurgical […]

Makar Fominyh, 1 month old, hydrocephalus


The parents are still in shock and, sadly, without money… On the 6th day home they child had an episode. His parents took him to the clinic immediately. The results of neurosonography showed intraventricular haemorrhage, which led to hydrocephalus. They were referred to the Institute of Neurosurgery in Kiev with the words «volunteers there will […]

Pinchuk Bogdan, 10 y.o., injury consequences


The child was injured when he fell off his bike and hit his head on the curb (on May 2nd, 2012). An open brain injury and basal skull fracture ensued. The child was immediately hospitalised at the Rivne regional hospital, but after two years he was diagnosed with infectious meningitis. He has been treated at […]

Paloma Sh., 10 months old, hydrocephalus + heart defect


She comes from a children’s home in Kiev. Her situation is difficult. In order to give her a chance at a normal life, neurosurgeons and cardio-surgeons need to work together. Her treatment plan will have many steps and she will need several, high risk surgeries. The little girl is already hospitalized at Ohmadit. The doctors […]

Nikolas P., 2 months old, hydrocephalus

Nikolas P

Thanks to the doctors of the Neonatal Department at Ohmatdyt Nikolas now looks like this, with healthy pink cheeks. Up until a little while ago his life depended on AVL machines and incubators… Premature, abandoned. As often happens with premature babies, he developed hydrocephalus… The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, June 9th. He needs shunt […]

Matevina Karina, 13 y.o., multiple shrapnel wounds to the head, penetrating skull injury


The girl is from a village in Poltava region. She got her wounds from an explosion of a hand grenade, which was brought to a friend’s house by a 20 year old friend. In explosion part of the house was destroyed, the young man was killed and 6 children were injured. Karina was urgently taken […]

Zhenya K. «Karlsonchik», 2 y.o., shunt malfunction


We know Zhenya for over a year now! He’s our old friend from the orphanage in Chernihiv region. The first time we met him, he captured our hearts with his ability to eat from the spoon in his sleep :))) Zhenya’s shunt placement surgery took place in Chernihiv. We have later brought him to Kiev […]

Maksim Dyachuk, 8 y.o., tumor


Maksim is the fourth child to a large family from a village in Khmelnytskiy region. His mother raises the children in her own. During the first year of his life, Maksim has gotten epilepsy, for which he took anticonvulsant medication. In 2014 the episodes stopped, but they suddenly returned in February 2016. Maksim’s mother took him […]

Stepanenko Anastasia, 16 y.o., tumor


Nastya has been fighting her tumor for over a year now. She had three surgeries, 6 rounds of chemo and 1 round of radiation therapy. After teh surgery and treament she got better, she could even go abck to her regular life, go to school, but the disease is back… An MRI in February 2016 […]

Passed away :( Denis Ploschik, 2.5 y.o., hydrocephalus post tumor removal


It’s been a year of constant fight for the life of Denis for this family from Poltava. They have been through several tumor removal surgeries (both in Kiev and in Moscow), shunt placement, several chemotherapy protocols, radiation… The boy stopped sitting up, talking, possible cortical blindness. On January 26 the boy was admitted to the […]

Yaroslav Denisov, 2 months old, hydrocephalus


Yaroslav was born prematurely, at week 25, weighing only 950 grams, in Sumy. He was admitted to the Ohmatdet, the Neonatal Department, last week. He was diagnosed with retinopathy in both eyes and hydrocephalus. He was taken into eye surgery right away. And in two days he had a second surgery — for hydrocephalus. A […]