Rehabilitation. Nikita and Vanya Koshilevy, 3 y.o., CP


Vanya and Nikita were born prematurely, at 33 weeks of pregnancy, weighing 1.7 kg. The babies were taken to the NICU and the doctors said that the babies might not survive. Their father took it very hard, he couldn’t sleep, drove all around the city looking for the necessary meds… When the boys were 3 […]

Rehabilitation. Kladenko Danya, 8 y.o., hydrocephalus and CP


Danya was bord prematurely, weighing only 900 grams. As a result he got intraventricular hemorrhage, meningitis, hydrocephalus, retinopathy… The doctors weren’t sure if the boy will survive. Danya and his mom fought a hard as they could. At the age of one, Danya had a shunt placement surgery. In 2014 — another surgery — adductors myotomy, […]

Zhenya the Froggie, 6 y.o., Cerebral Palsy, Boyarka Orphanage


We’ve been asked by the orphanage employees to take under our care one more boy, five year old Zhenya. He was abandoned as a baby and doesn’t have anyone visiting or caring about him. Zhenya has Cerebral Palsy and is in the same group as most of our kids, so he also be taking part […]

Illya Grigoriev, 1.5 y.o., hydrocephalus, CP


Illya and his sister are raised by a single mother. The boy was born prematurely, at 28 weeks weighing only 1.1kg. He spent three months at the ICU. When he was 5 month old he had a shunt placement surgery. When the doctors said that Illya will never be a healthy child the father disappeared […]