Oleg G., 2 y.o., hydrocephalus + cyst

Oleg was brought from an orphanage late Novermner for a control MRI, but after seeing the scans the doctors decided that Oleg need a surgery and he was admitted to the Pediatric Department at the Institute of Neurosurger. Since the accompanying nanny had no idea they were going to need to stay, Natalia had to buy them all the necessities.
Oleg is a very smart boy, regardless of his diagnosis he’s developing very well. At the age of 2.5 years old he already speaks a few works, is very curious, especially he’s interested in people :)) during the consult he refused to let go of his toy car and hat :)) He was very disappointed when they had to take of his head to check his head :)) So the doctor had to give it back fast :))
During the exam it turned out that the child has bronchitis. He was getting treatment at the hospital for two weeks, but they ended up sending him back to the orphanage anyway. As soon as Oleg gets all better he will come back to the Institute for a surgery, probably some time after the New Year’s.

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Nannies: 1,700 UAH ($65)
Food&Pharmacy (receipts): 1,615.16 UAH ($62)

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