Rehabilitation. Gurtovoi Andriy, 8 y.o., abnormal development of the cervical section of the spine post injury


First appeal 06 JULY 2016
The boy is being raised by his aunt. At the age of 5 years old the child fell at the kindergarten and injured his neck. A few months later he got partial paralysis of the limbs.

Andriy’s aunt brought him to the Institute of Neurosurgery in Kyiv. It took the doctors a while to decided to try and do something, as such surgeries haven’t ever been performed in Ukraine. However, everything went more t han well, Andriy started walking and even running. Since the boy is very active, however, he fell again and the transplants moved out of place. A second surgery had to be performed, after which it took Adnriy much longer to rehabilitate. Walking is a struggle. Now, to restore the motor function Andriy needs a third surgery, for which the aunt doesn’t have the funds… We need help to fund Andriy’s treatment…

UPD 26 OCT 16
Friends, Andriy needs urgent help for the rehabilitation course at the «Step by Step» Center.
His course starts on October 31st. The aunt borrowed money to rent a room, but she will need to give them back somehown… Maybe someone can take them in for two weeks, or knows where they can stay for cheap? It has to be around Bortnichi — Kharkovskiy region. They also need 5,000 UAH ($200) for the course itself.

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UPD 01 OCT 16
Thanks so much to all of you, Andriy has been discharged.

UPD 07 SEP 16
Andriy has been transferred to his room from the ICU and is continuing with the treatment, getting massages. His room is next to the ICU and he is still on the ALV Machine. He’s afraid to breath on his own. He needs your prayers and financial support.

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