Mark Pak, 7 months old, liver transplant needed

The mom will be the donor. The surgery will take place in Kiev, at the Shalimov Institute.
The baby was born with a slight jaundice. Not suspecting anything wrong, the doctors quickly discharged the baby. However, in just a couple of days Mark’s mother found him in his crib all covered in blood. A bleeding started at the place where the umbilical chord broke away. He was hospitalized and in a couple of weeks diagnosed with the biliary atresia. Mark needs a liver transplant. It took a couple of month to check what relative could be the donor.
An American Foundation, Palm of Hope and a few volunteers are fundraising for the surgery. They asked us to help out with the purchases for the surgery in Ukraine.
This is a very complicated, high-risk surgery. It is pre-scheduled for the for the first days of February. The list of required materials barely fits on seven pages…
To help this child you can donate both through our Fund and the Plam of Hope.

To make a donation, please visit the How to Donate page!

mark pak