Optical tube of the Hopkins Neuroendoscope for the Pediatric OR of the Institute of Neurosurgery. Urgent!


We are currently in the situation where we don’t know what to start with: electric drill, endoscope, neuromonitor, lung ventilator… We need everything, and we need it now! This is the equipment children’s lives depend on. It’s frightening when the Pediatric Department where most surgeries are very complex doesn’t have the necessary equipment. Would you […]

Mark Pak, 7 months old, liver transplant needed

The mom will be the donor. The surgery will take place in Kiev, at the Shalimov Institute. The baby was born with a slight jaundice. Not suspecting anything wrong, the doctors quickly discharged the baby. However, in just a couple of days Mark’s mother found him in his crib all covered in blood. A bleeding started […]

Rehabilitation. Nikita and Vanya Koshilevy, 3 y.o., CP


Vanya and Nikita were born prematurely, at 33 weeks of pregnancy, weighing 1.7 kg. The babies were taken to the NICU and the doctors said that the babies might not survive. Their father took it very hard, he couldn’t sleep, drove all around the city looking for the necessary meds… When the boys were 3 […]

Oleg G., 2 y.o., hydrocephalus + cyst


Oleg was brought from an orphanage late Novermner for a control MRI, but after seeing the scans the doctors decided that Oleg need a surgery and he was admitted to the Pediatric Department at the Institute of Neurosurger. Since the accompanying nanny had no idea they were going to need to stay, Natalia had to […]

Vlad Titov, 4 y.o., tumor

Vlad Titov

It all started with a fall from a chair at the age of one and a half years… To make sure everything was fine the parents insisted on a CAT scan, which showed that Vlad had a cyst. Did it form as a result of the fall or was it there all along the doctors […]

Ira U., 3 y.o., spina bifida and hydrocephalus

Ira U.

Ira is from an orphanage in Kirovograd region. She was admitted yesterday afternoon, needing a shunt replacement surgery. The girl is very active, friendly, very independent, asks loads of questions: «Who are you? What are you doing? Who are you calling? What is this picture? Why is it her?» Very sociable and bright child Ira […]

Rehabilitation. Kladenko Danya, 8 y.o., hydrocephalus and CP


Danya was bord prematurely, weighing only 900 grams. As a result he got intraventricular hemorrhage, meningitis, hydrocephalus, retinopathy… The doctors weren’t sure if the boy will survive. Danya and his mom fought a hard as they could. At the age of one, Danya had a shunt placement surgery. In 2014 — another surgery — adductors myotomy, […]

Gordeichuk Bogdan, 6 y.o., Hydrocephalus


When Bogdan was two months old, he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. He has a shunt placement surgery and sent back home. For six years everything was fine. Last winter Bogdan suddenly got sick. His parents decided that the problem was in the increased level of acetone. During the period from May to August 2016 Bogdan […]

Adaptimmune Ltd, Cell Research Department Bake-off for the repairs of the «Atlanta» ALV Machine

Charity Bake-off3

Huge thanks go out to the Cell Research Department of the Adaptimmune Ltd, UK for choosing our Fund as the recipient for their Charity Bake Off, with special thanks going out to Alexandra Sevko for suggesting us! We have decided to £60 to cover part of the expenses for the repairs of the «Atlanta» Artificial […]

Rehabilitation. Gurtovoi Andriy, 8 y.o., abnormal development of the cervical section of the spine post injury


  First appeal 06 JULY 2016 The boy is being raised by his aunt. At the age of 5 years old the child fell at the kindergarten and injured his neck. A few months later he got partial paralysis of the limbs. Andriy’s aunt brought him to the Institute of Neurosurgery in Kyiv. It took […]

Repairs of the «Atlanta» Artificial Lung Ventilation Machine


This Artificial Lung Ventilation machine is used of newborns during surgery at the Pediatric Department of the Institute of Neurosurgery :(( In the last couple of year these machines break more and more often. The Institute does not get new equipment and fixing the old machines is getting more and more expensive… This spring we […]

Bezruchenko Bogdan, 4 months old, hydrocephalus


The family is from the ATO zone. Two years ago they moved from Luhansk to Kiev with a little child. In May 2016, at 28 weeks of pregnancy, the twins were born: Mark and Bogdan. The boys were born weighing 980 and 960 grams. Right after the birth they were put in the NICU and […]

Shunts, reservoirs and drainage systems for the urgent kids at the Ohmatdyt


13 OCT 2016 There are children we cannot talk about… But they do exist… And they do need our help. Here’s a specific story as an example. A little girl L. Born very prematurely. At the NICU. The parents barely ever visit and act very strange. Most likely they will abandon here. Natalia tried talking […]

Yana R., 4 y.o., Lacrimal Duct Atresia


The child was born prematurely at 33-34 weeks of pregnancy, weighing 2080 grams, with multiple health problems. She entered the orphanage at the age of three years. She has already had a couple of surgeries, including on her heart. After the surgery she got much better, became more active and lively. Now the child is […]

Oxygen concentrator for the Pryluky orphanage


Typically, in Kiev, such kids get transferred to a hospital where they spend months in hospital beds. Kids, that have respiratory arrests. Apnea. The hospitals, however, do not have staff to care for these children, to play with them, there are no developmental activities, no physical therapy… A few months ago a new baby with […]

Zhenya the Froggie, 6 y.o., Cerebral Palsy, Boyarka Orphanage


We’ve been asked by the orphanage employees to take under our care one more boy, five year old Zhenya. He was abandoned as a baby and doesn’t have anyone visiting or caring about him. Zhenya has Cerebral Palsy and is in the same group as most of our kids, so he also be taking part […]

Fesenko Angelina, 2 months old, hydrocephalus


Angelina is one of the triplets. Long-awaited, extremely loved children. The pregnancy was going well, but the babies were born prematurely, at 31 weeks. Two boys and one girl. All three babies were very weak and could not breath on their own and went straight to the ICU. A couple of weeks later, during the transfer […]

Illya Grigoriev, 1.5 y.o., hydrocephalus, CP


Illya and his sister are raised by a single mother. The boy was born prematurely, at 28 weeks weighing only 1.1kg. He spent three months at the ICU. When he was 5 month old he had a shunt placement surgery. When the doctors said that Illya will never be a healthy child the father disappeared […]

Returned. Schur Sofia, 7 months old. Hysrocephalus, malfunction


The girl was born prematurely, at 7 months… The pregnancy went well, no one expected this. As a result of a heamorrhage during birth the girl got hydrocephalus. She was brought to the Institute end of last week. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. The cost of the shunting system and the surgical supplies is about […]

NIRS. Equipment for extremely premature babies of the Neonatal Center at the Ohmatdyt Hospital


Each year the number of prematures births in Ukraine increases… If we do not make it our priority to diagnose and treat these babies, the number of people with CP, hydrocephalus and other neurological disorders will increase significantly… Friends, we’re starting a new fundraiser for a very important equipment for the premature babies. NIRS. Near […]