I am building Ohmatdet! Neurosurgeon — Plavskiy Pavel!

Pavel Nikolaevich have operated and is operating on many of the children in our care, including our orphans: Seraphim, Nikita Ch, Viktoriya N, Bodgana…
It’s difficult to even count how many kids owe their lives to his professionalism — it’s hundreds, not tens every year…
Successful treatment, however, depends on more than just skillful hands. It requires good diagnostics, testing, modern equipment, instruments and reasonable conditions for both the doctors and the children and their mothers!

Currently, my main place of work is Institute of Neurosurgery, but I also work part-time at the Ohmatdet. At the Ohmatdet hospital neurosurgery is only just getting on its feet. Just a year and a half ago there were virtually no neurosurgeries performed here, which is why there is no equipment, and we need a lot of it. Neurosurgery is one of the most high-tech areas of medicine. Right now, much of the neurosurgery is based on the doctors’ commitment. For example, ultrasound destructor for the resection of the brain and spinal tumors, as well as hearnias and lipomas, has been temporary lent to us by the company. Part of the equipment I carry in my car between hospitals. This equipment was, basically, purchased by charity organizations or regular people, and I use it in both hospitals. The most important thing is to bring it back at night and hand it for sterilization.


This is exactly why we are waiting for the opening of the new building. We have worked hard on the list of equipment, that needs to be there. It was chosen specifically for treating children, including very little ones. Some of the equipment hasn’t been brought to Ukraine at all yet. It will be first used in Ukraine in the new building.

Another important aspect. Currently, sick children and their parents are running in circles. For example, after the surgery we send cancer patients to the Cancer Institute. Then they go back to their regional hospitals for radiation and chemo therapies, then back to us and back to the Cancer Institute. With the opening of the new building this hell will end. All stages of the treatment will happen in one place.

Plavskiy Pavel

Age: 35 y.o.
Specialty: pediatric neurosurgeon
Experience: 10 years
Source: https://www.facebook.com/imbuldingohmatdyt/