Returned Maksimenko (Ivanov) Kiril, 4 y.o., spina bifida

Kiril is 4 years old
From a small town in Zaporizzya region, raised by a single mom.
In 2009 he had a surgery in Zaporizzya.
The child has a disability.
He was admitted to the Pediatric Department at the Institute of Neurosurgery on 20.04.2013 with the diagnosis of postoperative dermal sinus lumbar spine.

UPD 22.08.16

Last month Kiril had a routine MRI done, which revealed a spinal fixation and a need for another surgery. He is already in Kiev and has been admitted to the Pediatric Department at the Institute of Neurosurgery. He is getting his surgery this week.
His parents are doing everything they can to provide his with the best possible care and rehabilitation.
In 2013, after Kiril was discharged from the Institute of Neurosurgery, he was admitted to the Zaporizzya regional hospital for a rehabilitation course, where his urine catheter was removed.
In 2014 he went in for a rehabilitation course at the Urology Department in Kharkiv.
Most of the year 2015 Kiril spent at the Institute of Orthopedics in Kharkiv. Calluses formed on his feel from the orthoses, which turned into an open wound that wouldn’t heal for a long time. The test revealed staphylococcus aureus. It has been treated. The Institute of Orthopedics provided Kiril with new orthoses and tutors for free.
Kiril’s father has been mobilized and sent to the ATO zone.
The family needs financial help!

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UPD 27.05.2013

Yay! Kiril will be discharged soon!!

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