Oxygen Concentrator from Tatyana Bezkrovnaya

We don’t even know what to add… Miracles!
We will only say that the concentrator is already at the Institute. His ‘place of work’ will be the pediatric ICU, where we plan to start renovations in the coming week, which is why it is still in its box, so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Using the words of one of our volunteers, Natalia Tylkun:

I would like to dedicate this post to the infinitely kind person. Not everyone can bear their own hardships and still be kind and helpful to others.
Tanya is able to be kind always and to everyone. Even if that’s just with her attention and compassion. She’s always ready to help; always ready to give away whatever is needed, be it clothes, shoes or food… She takes care of those, who cannot always do it themselves.
Not long ago she needed help herself. Serious illness of a younger brother and infinite hope to save him… Many people responded. They bought Tanya’s beutiful work, flowers, simply helped with whatever they could in this hope to help, to support… Tanya’s brother passed away. Pain from the loss, helplessness in the face of his illness, feeling of guilt and reponsibility before teh rest of the family… Until this day she cries, and I know, that she thinks she could have done more… But more was IMPOSSIBLE. He made the decision, He called him and the skies got one more angel.
Today I want to say THANK YOU to Tanya for the gift she made to the Institute, in the name of her brother and every single person who helped her fight for him.  This is an oxygen concentrator, which makes an enriched mixture that facilitates breathing during the postoperative and recovery period. For some children it is life-saving. With the help of Natalia Graschenkova, the head of the ’31 June Foundation’ it has been delivered to the Institute.
Thank you Tanya and everyone. It will do good, and your infinite desire to help, the call of your heats will save many children!
P.S Dmitriy Tylkun — thanks for the delivery!
Nataly Tylkun