Supporting the «Nadiya» orphanage in Pryluky

There are about 100 children living at the “Nadiya” orphanage in Pryluky. Some of them are children with disabilities. Two of them were under our care in the Institute of Neurosurgery: Tima and Roma. This post is not about them, however, it’s about all the children there…
And their current needs:

  1. Medicine for children who are currently in the local hospital. The list is below. Roughly 9,000UAH ($420). (Done!)
  2. Apples for the orphanage… 22 kg. 400 UAH ($20). (Done!)
  3. There is no hot water at the orphanage. We’ve been asked to help purchase 4 boilers, 100 liters each, so that they could bathe the children. Roughly 12,000 UAH ($560). (Done!)
  4. As it turns out, before putting in new boilers they need to replace the old wiring. This will be another 43,101 UAH ($2,000). We have already paid for the work in one of the buildings (28,000 UAH — $1,300). (Done!)
  5. 400 jars of baby fruit puree for babies aged 4 months to 1 year. (Done!)

To make a donation please visit Details!

28/01/16 Update

The «Nadiya» orphanage in Pryluky is asking for help again. They need: apples, lemons, cheese, shampoo and cleaning supplies…
We have already talked to the supplier. It will cost us 6,000UAH ($235).


Pryluky2 Pryluky 3

19/01/16 Update

Happy holiday and huge thanks from the Administration of the orphanage in Pryluky.
Thanks to Katia Bilostotsky for 400 jars of fruit pure for the children.
Also pictures is the new bed for our Oleg from Elena Pylypyshyna :))
Remember we ordered 80 bedding sets for the Institute of Neurosurgery? But we had enough fabric for 83 set?
The leftover 3 sets went to Prykuly for Oleg’s bed :))
Also, here’s Snezhana :)  She’s looking for a family!

snezh1 snezh2 snezh3

15/01/16 Update

Our plans for the kids:

Two children (Oleg and Zhenya) will be admitted to the Institute as soon as the flu outbreak is over. We also want to bring anohter girl (Lisa) for a consult with a neurosurgeion and an orthopeadist: to see if something can be done to «turn on» her legs.

Helping this orphanage is the Помоги Ангелам group.

31/12/15 Update

Lisa and Oleg came to Kiev for an MRI and a neurosurgical consult. Oleg will be admitted after the holidays.

happy new year


24/12/15 Update

There was a whole delegation running around the Ohmatdet today. Olesya brought Serafim in for a new cast, and Zhenya and Katya S. came in from Pryluky for a consult. We wanted Nikolay Mihaylovich to see our kids, but he decided to show the kids to Valentin Aleksandrovish and Darya Nikolaevna (neurologist) as well, on top of the x-rays. They had a three doctor consult and as a result some of the kids diagnoses were decided to have been incorrect and new ones were made.

Zhenya. For Zhenya to be able to work he needs intensive workouts for the problematic leg, joint, to stretch the contracture, and to have a special construction made, that he could wear during the night. The child has good support and has every change to start running in special footwear.
After the New Year’s we want to bring Zhenya in again for an MRI, EEG, to check the shunting system. If we won’t find a special shop in Pryluky — to take measurement and make a special construction for sleep here as well.

Katya. Tomorrow is Katya’s birthday. She’s turning two. We have a couple of months for work on the problem with physical therapy, massages and braces. If it doesn’t work — she’ll have to have surgery and wear a special corset

We were also looking forward to seeing Lisa today, but she couldn’t come :((

On the financial side:
Gas for bringing the kids to Kiev: 390UAH ($17)
Film for x-rays — 210UAH ($9)
Total — 600UAH ($26)


19/12/15 Update

Today we saw an amazing performance by the kids at the orphanage. Brought them gifts (sledges and skies, developing toys); 120 gifts altogether.

The performance was great; four of the kids performing were special needs… It was hard to watch, but at least today these kids got the attention and love they need so much… Many people came to watch them; local government representatives, students, doctors, sponsors, who help the orphanage on a regular basis. The administration created a warm, family-like atmosphere. A special thanks you goes out to the head of the orphanage, Nadiya Ivanivna, you can feel that everything she does, she does with love. The kids are well taken care of, the orphanage is warm , the atmosphere is kind…

The only thing making us said was when we came into the room where the kids were sleeping, one girl jumped up with the words «mom?»… It was impossible not to pick Vlada up! She tried to hold one, scared that she will be let go again…. But we’re not her mother… We can only show her we care, but no amount of gifts will ever replace the love and care of a family all these kids need so much…

Our Roma, our little angel, was sleeping, and in his dreams the seizures didn’t hurt… He is stable, a little better than he was two weeks ago. He even started getting light massages. He cried during the first few time, but got used to it by now. He didn’t have a fever today, and it never rose higher than 38C in the last couple of weeks.
And, as always, we visited our favorite group: Tima, Andriy S, Nastya!

PrylukySvyato1 PrylukySvyato2 PrylukySvyato3 PrylukySvyato4 PrylukySvyato5 PrylukySvyato6 PrylukySvyato7 PrylukySvyato8 PrylukySvyato9 PrylukySvyato10 PrylukySvyato11 PrylukySvyato12 PrylukySvyato13 PrylukySvyato14 PrylukySvyato15 PrylukySvyato16 PrylukySvyato17 PrylukySvyato18 PrylukySvyato19 PrylukySvyato20 PrylukySvyato21 PrylukySvyato22 PrylukySvyato23 PrylukySvyato24 PrylukySvyato25 PrylukySvyato26 PrylukySvyato27 PrylukySvyato28 PrylukySvyato29 PrylukySvyato30 PrylukySvyato31 PrylukySvyato32 PrylukySvyato33 PrylukySvyato34 PrylukySvyato35 PrylukySvyato36 PrylukySvyato37 PrylukySvyato38 PrylukySvyato39 PrylukySvyato40 PrylukySvyato41

16/12/15 Update

Thank you so much for the help to the Pryluky Orphanage! After the new, energy efficient door and windows were placed by the Ukraine Charity we couldn’t let the old curtains spoil the picture, which is why the brand new window blinds are now coverting the brand new windows!
If you wish to become a volunteer helping this orphanage, there’s amazing Elene Phylypyshyna who opened a group «Help the Angels».
They’re currently raising funds to buy cleaning supplies for the orphanage. Also, to buy a special bed for our Oleg.

windows windows2 windows3

8/12/15 Update

Today Alexandra Telyatnikova, Elena Pylypyshyna, Olga Smal, Alena Storchak, Natalia Graschenkova and Olga Klemenko have become godmothers to six amazing children: Dasha, Vanya, Katya, Vladimir and Liza. Very touching and sad. We did our best not to cry…
Altogether, 13 children were christened at the Pryluky orphanage today :)) All of them have had difficult lives… We’re hoping that this step will provide them with the spiritual support and give them strength to fight when a tough moment comes…
Also, per our request, father Nikolay held a prayer service for the health of Roma V., anointing him with oil. Olya brought him a gift — an icon from Pochayiv Lavra. It’s been 9 days since Roma’s mother died…
Apart from all of this — we brought countless gifts! Huge thatnks to Elena and the girls for the boxes of fruit: bananas, tangerines, apples, and also toys, baby walker, baby chairs… But the most important is the Christmas Tree! Huge! Amazingly beautiful! Already decorated. Everyone came out to look at it, as soon as we put it up!
We also brought a couple of bags of clothes and toys, and a pulse oximeter!!! A special devise to control blood oxygen level of Andriy P! Currently Andriy is very active, happy, but he’s not gaining any weight… :(( Still 5.6 kg…
Huge thanks to everyone who was with us, and everyone who participated in any way!

PR1 PR2 PR3 PR4 PR5 PR6 PR7 PR8 PR9 PR10 PR11 PR12 PR13 PR14 PR15 PR16 PR17 PR18 PR19 PR20 PR21 PR22 PR23 PR24 PR25 PR26 PR27 PR28 PR29 PR30 PR31 PR32 PR33 PR34 PR35 PR36 PR37 PR38 PR39 PR40 PR41 PR42 PR43

1/12/15 Update

Just wanted to let you all know — we have bought another 400 jars of baby puree, for the kids under one year, for the Prykuly orphanage, and it has already been delivered. Thanks to everyone helping us!!
We have another request though… An important one! The orphanage needs a Christmans tree! Artificial, ubt of good quality, to last them many years… Fluffy. About 2.5 meters high.
Who wants to make this happen for the kids?

Christmas tree 2 Christmas tree

27/11/15 Update

It’s almost winter already! It’s already cold outside… But thanks to the Ukraine Charity Foundation, it will be much warmer at the orphanage in Pryluky this year! Right now, the old windows and doors at the orphanage are being replaced by the new, energy efficient ones.
Thank you!

UkrCh1 UkrCh2 UkrCh3 UkrCh4 UkrCh5 UkrCh6 UkrCh7 UkrCh8 UkrCh9


Things are getting worse with each day. There isn’t enough food at the orphanages. Little children don’t have enough food.
This Monday we delivered to the orphanage in Pryluky:
— 50 kg of chicken breast;
— 20 kg of frozen fish filet;
— 36 tens of eggs;
— 15 liters of sunflower oil;
— 25 kg of rice.
For the total of 5,720 UAH ($250).
As we understand, we should start looking for suppliers and companies that would be willing to give fee help to the orphanages.
At least for the winter… Maybe it’ll get better later on.

pryl1 pryl2 pryl3 pryl4

15/10/15 Update

Remember we told you about Oleg, one of the kids from the orphanage, who weighs 60kg at the age of 5 years?
He’s very shy, but people who know him, know that he is a very kind boy!
Today we took him for a blood test; hormone panel, to check the thyroid gland, to check for genetic abnormalities (1,250UAH ($60) for the test ) — to figure out what to do next, to help the child.
We were worried with the nurse that we’ll have to hold him… He didn’t even make a noise!
He’s an amazing kid!

oleg oleg2

7/9/15 Update
Spent most of the day at the Children’s Home in Pryluky today.

  1. Checked the work done on replacing the old wiring in the second building.
  2. Stayed until the four boilers were delivered! Thank you everyone who participated in this great project. In only a few days time there will be hot water in all the bathrooms.
  3. Brought another 400 jars of baby fruit puree. This will last them for another month.
  4. Brought five packs of diapers for Lisa (she is in the picture). In general, there is a big problem with diapers. Both here and at the orphanage in Boyarka. They need about 6,000 diapers per month in Pryluky and about 5,000 in Boyarka. The government does not provide the orphanages with enough diapers.
  5. Delivered a parcel to Roma: diapers, baby food, antibiotics. Tomorrow another parcel will be delivered by the volunteers from Chernigiv.
  6. Visited our babies. Also, have been asked to help another three children with bringing them to Kyiv for consults and treatment. Not all of the diagnoses are neurosurgical, but we will look for possibilities to help them and will ask for your help as well.

31/7/15 Update
Photo report! The Prilutskiy Orphanage would like to thank you for buying 400 packs of children’s fruit puree for little ones aged 4 months to 1 year (2,720 UAH — $130).
Apparently the government does not see the need to provide children with vital vitamins and nutrients — the only thing they do provide is porridge, the same goes for other orphanages.
Pictured below is Tima — all grown up now! Tima had a full health check up last week in Chernihiv and has been assessed to be developing well mentally for his age. He has a small problem with his kidneys that requires ongoing medication. But this is expected for someone that has his diagnosis — as his lower part of the body doesn’t function at all :(

23/7/15 Update
The replacement of the old wiring in the first building of the Prilutsky orphanage is finished. Yay!! :))
Now we have to fix the second building and we can start with the boilers.
We’ve also ordered the fruit puree (for kids aged 4 months to 1 year). At the Odessa baby food manufacturing plant. Waiting for delivery.

14/7/15 Update
Children’s Home in Pryluky needs our help with the purchase of fruit puree for babies. Altogether they need 400 jars of puree per month. Our 7-months-old Tima lives in this orphanage. The government only provides the orphanage with baby formula and porridge. It’s summertime. Older children need fruit, younger — fruit puree. Remember we bought apples for them in the spring? Now we’ll have to look for cheap fruit puree. We don’t know the exact amount yet, but we’ll need to raise approximately 4,000 UAH.


3/7/15 Update
Workers at the Prylutskiy Orphanage have started replacing the old wiring. At the moment, we have only raised money and paid for work on the first building. The work needs to be done so that new electric boilers could be put in (to have hot water for bathing children).
Thank you everyone who made this miracle happen :))

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 10.29.25

Today we paid for the replacement of the old wiring in the first building of the orphanage. 28,000 UAH ($1,300). This was made possible mainly by the LLC “MTK”, which covered most of the total amount. Thank you!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 13.54.22

3/6/15 Update
The company, which is going to be doing electrical work on the Prilytskiy Orphanage has given us the cost estimate — 43,101 UAH for both buildings.

1/6/15 Update
A concert by the children at the orphanage in celebration of the Children’s Day:

Обновление на 15/05/15
Thank you everyone who helped us with the purchase of medication for 8,546.17 UAH ($400) and apples for the children at the Prylutskiy Orphanage. Everything has been delivered to Pryluky already.

Friends, the management is extremely grateful and is inviting everyone to come visit the orphanage on June 1st, as they will be putting together a Children’s Day Concert. The kids are already practicing. Please message or comment if you would like to come.

As for the boilers. We still haven’t ordered them. And here’s the hold up — old wiring. There is no guarantee that it can withstand the required voltage. Therefore, before we can move forward with the boilers, we need to replace the old wiring… Dealing with one problem always uncovers another one.

We’re already waiting for the cost estimate from electricians. As soon as we get it — I will let you all know. Thank you!


1 — This a country-wide problem. Children are not supposed to get sick. As you know, our volunteer group (Agents 031) already buy and deliver medicine to the Orphanage in Boyarka once or twice a week, as well as to the Department of Infectious Diseases. The list of the necessary medication for the Prylutskiy Orphanage is below (about 9,000UAH — $420).


2 — 3 boilers, 100 liters each for heating up water. As you understand, this is necessary because using pots to heat up water in order to bathe 100 children is simply impossible. We don’t know the exact amount yet, looking for the best option (good quality and relatively inexpensive). We’re thinking that each boiler will cost about 3,000UAH ($140).

3 — Apples. Not even bananas or oranges. Speechless.

To help us, please make a donation through:

International SWIFT Payments & Transfers details
Company name: St. Luke (Voino-Yaseneckogo) Charity Fund
Company adres: UA 02183, ap 19, 26 Vatutina str, Kyiv, Ukraine
Bank account: 2600 8052 6186 38
Name of the bank: Privatbank, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
IBAN Code: UA483206490000026008052618638
Сorrespondent-bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, USA
Сorrespondent-bank SWIFT Code: CHASU33
Сorrespondent-bank account: 001-1-000080
!!! Purpose of payment: Donation for Ukrainian neurosurgical children

Thank you!

Поступления на Прилуцкий детдом

idДатаСумма, UAHВалютаНазначение платежа
11.858 28.08.2015 1.000,00 UAH Перевод на карту ПриватБанка. Пл-щик: Керезь Катерина Iгорiвна
11.859 28.08.2015 20.000,00 UAH Благодiйний внесок. Переказ згiдно Статутной дiяльнiстi благодiйного фонду. Без ПДВ
11.845 18.08.2015 500,00 UAH Пополнение оборотных средств через БО БФ IМ.СВ.ЛУКИ(ВОЙНО-ЯСЕНЕЦЬКОГО)
11.844 18.08.2015 390,00 UAH Пополнение оборотных средств через БО БФ IМ.СВ.ЛУКИ(ВОЙНО-ЯСЕНЕЦЬКОГО)
10.604 14.08.2015 120,00 UAH Детдом в Прилуках: на покупку бойлера. Пл-щик: Черниенко Юлия Николаевна
9.256 15.07.2015 500,00 UAH Благотворительный взнос без НДС помощь в Прилуки. Пл-щик: Горл?н Антон Ефимович
9.242 15.07.2015 50,00 UAH пюре в Прилуки. Пл-щик: Гайдар Елена Александровна
9.235 14.07.2015 4.999,00 UAH Благодiйний внесок, без ПДВ. 5тыс. на Прилук.детдом,5тыс. на срочных дете, Аня и Женя
9.232 14.07.2015 200,00 UAH Благотворительный взнос без НДС помощь в Прилуки. Пл-щик: Орлова Анна Александровна
9.233 14.07.2015 300,00 UAH Благодiйний внесок, без ПДВ Васютинская Злата Анатольевна, Васютинская Злата Анатольевна
9.228 14.07.2015 486,25 UAH LIQPAY ID 62872381 DATE 2015-07-14 SOID rmlw7Zu1436868042792661
9.229 14.07.2015 486,25 UAH LIQPAY ID 62872607 DATE 2015-07-14 SOID zMqY9Pu1436868263738999
9.230 14.07.2015 48,62 UAH LIQPAY ID 62891374 DATE 2015-07-14 SOID 7cbzVtu1436879362621003
9.227 14.07.2015 200,00 UAH Благотворительный взнос без НДС помощь в Прилуки. Пл-щик: Юрковская Ольга Васильевна
9.226 14.07.2015 190,00 UAH Пополнение оборотных средств через БО БФ IМ.СВ.ЛУКИ(ВОЙНО-ЯСЕНЕЦЬКОГО)
7.984 08.06.2015 500,00 UAH Платіж від: ГРЕБЕНЮК ДМИТРО ПЕТРОВИЧ. Благотворительный взнос без НДС - помощь в Прилуки.
7.973 05.06.2015 374,32 UAH Благотворительный взнос без НДС — помощь в Прилуки
7.954 04.06.2015 291,75 UAH LIQPAY ID 59313490 DATE 2015-06-04
7.953 04.06.2015 200,00 UAH Перевод на карту ПриватБанка
7.952 04.06.2015 100,00 UAH Благотворительный взнос без НДС - помощь в Прилуки. Пл-щик: Овчаренко Марина Сергеевна
7.951 04.06.2015 100,00 UAH Благотворительный взнос без НДС # помощь в Прилуки
7.950 03.06.2015 500,00 UAH Пополнение оборотных средств через БО БФ IМ.СВ.ЛУКИ(ВОЙНО-ЯСЕНЕЦЬКОГО)
7.760 16.05.2015 100,00 UAH Детдом Надия. Пл-щик: Саульян Ирина Львовна
8.554 08.05.2015 25,00 UAH Прилуцкому дому ребенка. Пл-щик: Емельянова Ольга Игоревна
8.550 08.05.2015 20.000,00 UAH Благодiйний внесок від ТОВ "МТК" Переказ згiдно Статутной дiяльнiстi благодiйного фонду. Без ПДВ
7.712 07.05.2015 500,00 UAH Благотворительный взнос без НДС -помощь в Прилуки. Пл-щик: Горл?н Антон Ефимович
7.696 06.05.2015 600,00 UAH благодiйний внесок. Пл-щик: Никина Наталия Григорьевна
7.694 06.05.2015 400,00 UAH Благотворительный взнос
7.695 06.05.2015 500,00 UAH Благотворительный взнос на нужды Прилуцкого дома ребенка. Пл-щик: САМЧИНСКАЯ ИННА ВИКТОРОВНА
7.693 06.05.2015 291,75 UAH LIQPAY ID 56748158 DATE 2015-05-06
7.692 06.05.2015 194,50 UAH LIQPAY ID 56741711 DATE 2015-05-06
7.691 06.05.2015 100,00 UAH на нужды Прилуцкого детдома. Пл-щик: Гайдар Елена Александровна
7.690 06.05.2015 75,00 UAH помощь Прилуцкому дому ребенка
7.685 06.05.2015 400,00 UAH Благодiйний внесок згiдно листа вiд 06.05.2015.Без ПДВ.
7.678 03.05.2015 1.500,00 UAH Перевод на карту ПриватБанка
7.677 02.05.2015 4.500,00 UAH На покупку бойлеров прилуки. Пл-щик:
7.676 02.05.2015 194,50 UAH LIQPAY ID 56470097 DATE 2015-05-02
7.675 02.05.2015 135,00 UAH 01.05.2015 TS211759 01.05.2015 16:22:31 TS211759 1779713 Пополнение карты 5584242600734553
7.672 01.05.2015 1.000,00 UAH Перевод на карту ПриватБанка. Пл-щик: Корначевский Ярослав Ильич
7.671 01.05.2015 790,00 UAH 30.04.2015 TS203250 30.04.2015 14:36:34 TS203250 1696323 Пополнение карты 5584242600734553
6.388 30.04.2015 2.917,50 UAH LIQPAY ID 56329878 DATE 2015-04-30
6.386 30.04.2015 486,25 UAH LIQPAY ID 56324824 DATE 2015-04-30
6.387 30.04.2015 1.000,00 UAH Перевод на карту ПриватБанка
6.385 30.04.2015 300,00 UAH Перевод на карту ПриватБанка. Пл-щик: Растопша Екатерина Викторовна
6.383 30.04.2015 194,50 UAH LIQPAY ID 56318662 DATE 2015-04-30
6.384 30.04.2015 250,00 UAH Перевод на карту ПриватБанка
6.382 30.04.2015 100,00 UAH На Прилуцкий детдом. Пл-щик: Бурда Елена Александровна
6.379 30.04.2015 100,00 UAH Благотворительный взнос без НДС # помощь в Прилуки

Расходы на Прилуцкий дом ребенка

ДатаНазначение платежаЦенаКол-воСумма
17.03.2015 Люлька для новорожденного REGINA 3 в 1 Baby Point Цвет бежевый (304.15.12.001) 3.500,00 1,00 3.500,00
07.05.2015 Вальпроком хроно 300 табл. п/о № 30 3,50 2,00 7,00
07.05.2015 ОСПАМОКС СУСП.250МГ/5МЛ ФЛ. 60МЛ 97,60 2,00 195,20
07.05.2015 ОСПАМОКС СУСП.250МГ/5МЛ ФЛ. 60МЛ 103,00 4,00 412,00
07.05.2015 Кванил р-р д/орал.пр.100мг/1мл 30мл №1 160,00 6,00 960,00
07.05.2015 уфиллін -Д амп. 2% 5мл №10 298,00 2,00 596,00
07.05.2015 Цефтриаксон пор. д/р-ра д/ин. 1 г фл. №1 8,67 30,00 260,10
07.05.2015 Цефотаксим-БХФЗ фл. 1 г N 5 35,47 6,00 212,82
07.05.2015 Цефикс 100мг/5мл пор.д/пригот.сусп. 60 мл N 1 231,45 6,00 1.388,70
07.05.2015 Пиковит сироп 150мл 130,27 5,00 651,35
07.05.2015 НООБУТ ІС ТАБ.0.1Г №20 70,90 2,00 141,80
07.05.2015 Нурофен сусп. апельсин 100мл 69,00 10,00 690,00
07.05.2015 Нейромидин таб. 20 мг N 50 361,00 2,00 722,00
07.05.2015 Зиннат сусп. 125мг/5мл 100мл 156,00 5,00 780,00
07.05.2015 Вальпроком хроно табл. п/о 300 мг N100 198,40 2,00 396,80
07.05.2015 БАКЛОФЕН ТАБ.10МГ №50 127,00 2,00 254,00
07.05.2015 Пиковит омега 3 сироп 130мл 171,95 2,00 343,90
07.05.2015 Амписульбин-КМП 1.5г 53,45 10,00 534,50
09.04.2015 Весы для новорожденых "Мишутка" VES V-BS10 500,00 1,00 500,00
20.07.2015 Пюре Чудо-чадо "Яблуко-морква-айва", 130мл, тетра-пак 6,80 88,00 598,40
20.07.2015 Пюре Чудо-чадо "Яблуко-персик", 130мл, тетра-пак 6,80 101,00 686,80
20.07.2015 Пюре Чудо-чадо "Яблуко", 130мл, тетра-пак 6,80 110,00 748,00
20.07.2015 Пюре Чудо-чадо "Яблуко-груша", 130мл, тетра-пак 6,80 101,00 686,80
02.09.2015 Підгузники дитячі «Хелен Харпер софт енд драй» розмір №4 (9-18кг) 50шт. в пачці 200,00 5,00 1.000,00
02.09.2015 Пюре Чудо-чадо "Яблуко-морква-айва", 130мл, тетра-пак 6,80 70,00 476,00
02.09.2015 Пюре Чудо-чадо "Яблуко-персик", 130мл, тетра-пак 6,80 110,00 748,00
02.09.2015 Пюре Чудо-чадо 130мл тетра-пак "Яблуко-груша" 6,80 110,00 748,00
02.09.2015 Пюре Чудо-чадо "Яблуко", 130мл, тетра-пак 6,80 110,00 748,00
07.09.2015 Бойлер GORENJE GBF 100 T/V9 3.150,00 4,00 12.600,00