Rehabilitation course for Roma and Andriy from orphanage in Boyarka at the Clinic of V. Kozyavkin

We have arranged for the two of “our” children in the orphanage in Boyarka to go to a 12-day rehabilitation course in one of the best rehabilitation clinics in Ukraine. Roma K. and Andriy G. Both kids have had surgeries at the Institute of Neurosurgery and are supervised by our volunteers from the Patronage Program. The clinic has seen their MRIs and medical history and have agreed to take them on. We have great hope for this trip: to teach Andriy to eat on his own, help Roma catch up developmentally with other kids his age (he just needs a little push)…

20/11/2015 Update

When a child tries eating an apple for the first time. From a spoon… At the age of three years.I will add two more…

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17/11/2015 Update
Our Roma and Andrey at the Clinic :)) Amazing boys! They really need a family…

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Finances for both kids:
Rehabilitation course — 15,780 UAH ($656)
Housing at the «Elita» center (2 rooms for 15 days) + 3 meals per day — 18,645 UAH ($775)
Transportation (train tickets both ways) — 2,100 UAH ($87)
Orphanage nannies travel allowance — 3,000 UAH ($125)
Cash on hand — 4,000 UAH ($166)
Taxi for the delivery of documents from Boyarka to the train station — 220 UAH ($9)
Total — $1,818

14/11/2015 Update

Nothing ever goes smoothly with us :)) At the train station we realized that the nanny has forgotten the kids’ documents (medical records, MRIs, x-rays, etc)! So we had to find a cab driver, who could bring the documents from Boyarka to Kiev in 35 minutes. He managed to get there 5 minutes before the train left… But we made it! Roma K and Andriy G are already on their way to the Physical Therapy Clinic. Good luck, guys!

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Starting date: November 15.

Duration — 2 weeks.

What we need: two nannies that would go with the kids and one nanny from the orphanage to the Clinic. They would need to have a complete medical check-up prior to the trip. Maybe you know someone who would be willing to go to Truskavets and take the kids to rehabilitation, live with them, feed them, etc…?

As for the financial side — we estimate the expenses to be:
1) The rehab course itself (8,000 time 2) = 16,000 UAH ($750)
2) Renting a 2-3 bedroom appartment = 3,000-4,000 UAH ($140-$190)
3) Travel expenses = ?
4) Food, other expenses… = ?
We’re estimating the total amount to be about 35,000 — 40,000 UAH ($1,620 — $1,860)

21/9/2015 Update
News on Andriy and Roma’s trip to the rehabilitation Clinic.

  1. We have prepaid 1,400 UAH ($65) for the two children. It reserves each of them a place at the course.
  2. A huge thank you goes out to Natalia Ostashevskaya for getting us in touch with the owners of a wonderful rental place right next to the Clinic.


Adriy G, 3 years old, cerebral spastic paralysis

Roma K, 1.5 years old, hydrocephalus

If you would like to participate in making this trip happen for Roma and Andriy, you can make a donation through:

International SWIFT Payments & Transfers details
Company name: St. Luke (Voino-Yaseneckogo) Charity Fund
Company adres: UA 02183, ap 19, 26 Vatutina str, Kyiv, Ukraine
Bank account: 2600 8052 6186 38
Name of the bank: Privatbank, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
IBAN Code: UA483206490000026008052618638
Сorrespondent-bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, USA
Сorrespondent-bank SWIFT Code: CHASU33
Сorrespondent-bank account: 001-1-000080
!!! Purpose of payment: Donation for Ukrainian neurosurgical children

Thank you!


Поступления на курс реабилитации для Ромы и Андрюши

idДатаСумма, UAHВалютаНазначение платежа
12.100 13.09.2015 350,00 UAH Благотворительный взнос без НДС на реабилитацию в Козявкина Без ПДВ
12.099 12.09.2015 8.266,25 UAH LIQPAY ID 70589065 DATE 2015-09-12 SOID EYeoKPu1442071644897229
12.098 12.09.2015 1.000,00 UAH Перевод на карту ПриватБанка. Пл-щик: Раудин Дмитрий Владимирович