20 mattresses for the Children’s Clinic at the Institute of Neurosurgery — Delivered!!


20 mattresses are urgently needed at the Children’s Clinic of the Institute of Neurosurgery to meet the requirements of the Department of Sanitation and Infection Control. The old mattresses in the preop and postop children rooms need to be replaced. We only have two weeks to do this before the the next inspection.

We wanted to buy them in the spring, when we tried to buy new pillows, bedding and hospital beds, but we only raised enough funds for nine beds. We replaced the oldest ones with them.

We have decided not to purchase cotton mattresses again. Instead we will buy polyurethane foam mattresses with hydrophobic covers, to make disinfection easier.
To pay for 20 of those mattresses we need about $1500!

Any help would be much appreciated!


UPD 29 OCT 2015
They’re finally here!! The mattresses are at the Institute! Yay!!
Taking out the old ones as we speak!
Thanks to everyone who helped us financially and with advice.
Thanks to Elena Ermolenko, who’s helping the wounded at the 9th hospital, now we know where to get cheaper mattresses for the next time. Thank you again!
Hopefully, we’ll be able to share the good news about the bedding sets soon as well!

Mat1 Mat2 Mat3 Mat4 Mat5 Mat6 Mat7  Mat9

UPD 2 OCT 2015

The situation is such that we cannot wait to finish the fundraiser… We have prepaid the 50% from the «emergencies fund». They will be made in a week. During this time we really need to finish raising funds for both the mattresses and their delivery.

To make a donation please visit Options for making a Donation!

Thank you!


Apart from the mattresses there’s a need for:

1) Pillows (60 by 60 cm) — 20
2) Bedding set Комплект постільної білизни (calico, twin sized) — 80
3) Towels — 30
4) Stretcher — 1
5) Bedside cabinets —  18
6) Unilocular fridges — 3
7) Steel medical cabinet — 1
8) Manipulation table — 1
9) Writing desk — 1
10) Medical cabinet — 4
11) Medical stool — 1