Discharged! :)) Andriy P., 9 months old, orphan, congenital heart defect

Andriy was introduced to us by the Head Physician at one of the orphanages during a visit in September. He has a very complex congenital heart defect. He’s completely missing the right ventricle, and some of the valves and septums. Andriy also has some sort of circulatory system pathology. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to fix it all.

We’re talking about maybe improving his level of comfort; for which Andriy came to Kyiv on September 30th. He has been admitted into the Heart Center. Huge thanks go out to the doctors who have agreed to try and help the boy!
Andriy is having a full work-up. Cardiac ultrasound and catheterization (under anesthesia, on October 1st). Had consults with geneticists and neurologists. We have a heart CT scheduled for Friday, September 9th. Only after all the tests have been done will the doctors be able to develop a treatment plan; he might need a surgery.

We are not announcing a fundraiser yet. The Heart Institute is providing Andriy with all the necessary medication and disposables for now. For the organizational needs (food — transportation — nanny) I have enough of my own + we’ve received 1,000UAH fro Natalia Buchkovskaya!

Please pray with us for Andriy!

03/11/2015 Update
Today we sent of Andriy P. back to the orphanage. Everything is good, thank G-d!
We also sent a full trunk of stuff with him! Medication for a full month. Clothes. Diapers. We couldn’t find a pulse oximeter, however, which Andriy needs for continuous monitoring of his heartbeat and blood oxygen levels. We’ll have to order one and send it to the orphanage.
Next time Andriy will be in Kiev for a planned check-up in three months.
Once again — huge thanks for his doctors!
Surgeon — Aksenova Irina Aleksandrovna, Head of ICU — Kalashnikova Ruslana Vasilievna, heart ultrasound and diagnostics — Dudko Elena.
Thank you!!

For Russian speaking readers, a news article about Andriy : http://kiev.segodnya.ua/


A little about the Miracles surrounding Andriy :))

1) I found the money for his treatment on the floor of a supermarket, when coming home from Pryluky (where I visited Andriy and while thinking of him). $300. I went to security,we made an announcement on the loudspeaker, but no one came for the money. This is the money that covers Andriy’s diapers, food and his nanny’s paycheck. It happened at Novus on Levoberezhnaya. September 8th, around 7 pm. If this was your money — thank you!
2) Two months ago, cardiosurgeon Irina Aleksandrovna saved the life of Gleb, an adopted sone of my friend Natalia Buchkovskaya. Natasha immediately asked her to help Andriy. In a couple of days we got the ‘ok’ for the full checkup and hospitalization.
3) Doctors were scared to operate on Andriy. So we went to the icon of St. Luka from Crimea, that they have at the department and asked: «Grandpa Luka, the doctors are scared… Please operate with their hands!». In three hours we got a call telling us that the surgery has been scheduled for next week.
4) The doctors performed a much more complicated surgery than the one they planned. It was 3 surgeries in one.
5) The boy survived and went through postop period much better than anyone could have expected. He didn’t let the nurses work, kept asking to be held :) He’s all ready to go home now!

UPD 24 OCT 2015

Andriy has been transferred out of the ICU today! This is a real miracle!!

Talented hands of Irina Aleksandrovna, Ruslana Vasilievna, your prayers, and many-many other things have become part of a story of a real miracle!!
No fever, saturation of 80%, Andriy is pink!!! He refuses to stay in his crib, wants to be held! He’s smiling, kissing!

News coverage of the story of our miracle on Ukrainian TV:

UPD 15 OCT 2015
Andriy is alive!!! Transferred to the ICU! But it’s too early to relax yet.
He had three surgeries in one. He’s in critical condition. He needs to hang on for the next three, very important days. We feel the need to wait for him, for someone to be waiting for him.
Please, don’t give up! We are all waiting for you!
Please keep praying for him!

UPD 12 OCT 2015
We have very important news about Andriy P. On Thursday (October 15th) he will have his firs surgery. Most likely — first on several.
We’re desperately grasping at the only chance to give Andriy a longer and better life.
It is a high risk surgery.
Which is why we ask everyone to pray for Andriy these coming days.
For everyone who wishes to do so — we’re having a ‘payer by agreement’ scheduled for 10pm. You can pray, or use your own words or simply think nicely about a boy fighting a very complex heart defect.

If you would like to make a donation for Andriy please visit Options for making a Donation!

Thank you!

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