Bezruchenko Bogdan, 4 months old, hydrocephalus

The family is from the ATO zone. Two years ago they moved from Luhansk to Kiev with a little child. In May 2016, at 28 weeks of pregnancy, the twins were born: Mark and Bogdan. The boys were born weighing 980 and 960 grams. Right after the birth they were put in the NICU and a week later translferred to the Neonatal Department at the Ohmatdyt.

Both babies have intraventricular hemorrhage and as a result — hydrocephalus. Both babies had surgeries right away (paid for by the Akhmetov Foundation). Mark is doing well, he has already been discharged and is back home with the family. Bogdan, however, has gotten inflammation from the sutures. His shunt has already been removed and now he need a reservoir.

His parents cannot cover the amount. Their attending doctor asked us for help, since the situation is very urgent…

The reservoir costs 8,590 UAH ($350), and he might also need a shunt after his test results get better.

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UPD 07 NOV 2016
Three week has passed after the reservoir placement. Bogdan’s test results are getting better. The shunt placement surgery is planned for next week. However, due to his complicated situation he needs an expensive shunting system, 53,000 UAH ($2,075). Bogdan’s parents do not have this kind of money… They need your help!

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UPD 18 NOV 2016
Huge thanks to everyone who helped, the surgery went well, Bogdan’s reservoir has been placed!