Bogdanets Iryna, 16 years old, tumor.

Ira’s mother died when Ira was just 6 years old. Her Dad is raising Ira and her two siblings alone.

The girl is very active, a leader; teachers in school believe she will grow up to be a journalist, a reporter, a fighter for the truth.

Ira has suffered a couple of serious hits to the head this summer, while defending her friend in a street attack. A few days later Ira had an epileptic seizure. She had an MRI done, which revealed that an early stage tumor has formed at the place of the hit.

Ira was referred to the Institute of Neurosurgery in Kiev on September 18th. Due to her cold the surgery has been postponed to next week. Plus, her father hasn’t been able to find the money for the surgery.

He needs help!

UPD 24 OCT 2015
Iryna has finished treatment at the Institute and has been referred to her local hospital for chemo and physical therapy.

UPD 12 OCT 2015
The surgery went well, Iryna is back to her room, already gets up and moves aroung on her own. Thank you everyone for the help with the medication!

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Ира Богданец