Yaroslav Denisov, 2 months old, hydrocephalus

Yaroslav was born prematurely, at week 25, weighing only 950 grams, in Sumy. He was admitted to the Ohmatdet, the Neonatal Department, last week. He was diagnosed with retinopathy in both eyes and hydrocephalus. He was taken into eye surgery right away. And in two days he had a second surgery — for hydrocephalus. A reservoir has been placed as a temporary fix, to let the child develop and become stronger for the coming, more complicated, surgeries.

The parents did not have enough funds for the surgery, so we were contacted by Yaroslav’s attending surgeon.

We bought everything he needed: the reservoir itself and the surgical kit.

Yaroslav is currently at the ICU on AVL. As soon as he gets better and starts breathing on his own he will be transferred to his room with his mother. For his tiny body two surgeries so close together is a huge strain.

Next step, when Yaroslav gets stronger, will be a shunting surgery, and then, after some time, a neuroendoscopy.

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UPD 20 FEB 2016

Urgently taken into surgery to remove the reservoir and place a shunting system. We gave the mother the surgical supplies. We didn’t have enough funds, however, which is why this family needs financial support in the amount of 17,275.77 UAH ($635).


UPD 10 FEB 2016

Gained weight, hydrocephalus is developing slowly, getting treatment and is staying under observation, the question of shunt placement and reservoir removal will be decided in by the end of the week.