Maksim Dyachuk, 8 y.o., tumor

Maksim is the fourth child to a large family from a village in Khmelnytskiy region. His mother raises the children in her own. During the first year of his life, Maksim has gotten epilepsy, for which he took anticonvulsant medication. In 2014 the episodes stopped, but they suddenly returned in February 2016. Maksim’s mother took him to see a neurologist, who ordered got a full work-up: EEG, ultrasound, MRI, the results of which revealed a brain tumor. On March 29th he started loosing consciousness. On April 20th Maksim was urgently admitted to the Institute of Neurosurgery to remove the tumor.

We know that our «free medicine» is only free on paper. Upon arrival Maksim’s mother was terrified when she realized she has no way of paying for the medication and disposables for the surgery. Her roommate at the Institute suggested that she ask our Foundation for help. Since the situation was urgent and we did not have time to fundraise, all the necessary materials were given to us by the supplier in the promise that we will pay later.

Maksim is currently at the ICU, getting back to normal.

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