And again… Knives for elecric drill! Urgent!

Today, once again, we raise the question of how to continue operating on kids, if the only electric drill of the Pediatric Department at the Institute of Neurosurgery, which worked for two operating rooms for over five years, has no blades. It is the disposable instrument which needs to be purchased regularly, as they become unusable with time. With the help of the electric drill neurosurgeons perform many surgeries that require craniotomy, such as:
1) brain tumors;
2) brain injuries;
3) cerebral aneurysms;
4) craniostenosis and other pathologies.
Performing these surgeries as in the «old days» means risking the lives and health of the patiens. 5 attachments and 10 guides. This should be enough for a couple of months. 30,000 UAH ($1,200) and many saved lives…

Pictures is electric drill in use during the tumor removal surgery of one our kids.

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We also need a new elecric drill for the Department. It’s price is about 25,000 euro…

UPD 09 JAN 2017
20 more conical guides! For the total amount of 41,000 UAH ($1,510)! Yay!

drill 1

drill 2


UPD 10 DEC 2016
11 attachments for the electric drill for the total amount of 12,700 UAH ($470) are already at the Pediatric Department of the Institute of Neurosurgery!
We wanted to buy more, more knives/guides/blades for craniotomies, for about 30,000-50,000 UAH ($1,105-$1,800), but this was all the supplier had that we needed.

drill 3 drill 4 drill 5


UPD 20 JUN 2016
Huge thanks to all the people who donated for the purchase of knives and guides for the electric drill!
Last week the supplier brought our order to the Institute of Neurosurgery and this Friday one of teh knives was already used in a very complicated 4-hour-long surgery of a child.

We raised a little more that we needed (7,000 UAH — $258 more), but this is our constatn need, so we will use this money the next time we make a purchase.

drill 6

UPD 23 MAY 2016 — We need to raise 9,000 UAH more ($331).

drill 8 drill 7 drill 9 drill 10

To make a donation, please visit the How to Donate page!