Returned(( Golik Sofia, 2.5 y.o., tumor

Sofia is the third daughter in a family from Chernihiv region. Her mother is raising all three kids on her own. Everything was fine, Sofia was developing well; she was drawing, playing, didn’t get sick too often. Half a year ago her right had started to act weird — shaking in stressful or scary moments. Three months ago the situation with the hand got much worse so the mother took Sofia to the regional hospital, where a CT revealed a temporal area tumor.
Sofia was referred to the Institute of Neurosurgery in Kiev, where they were admitted to the Pediatric Department. Sofia will have to undergo a very complicated surgery, as the tumor is located very deep in her brain.
Sofia’s mother needs help paying for her daughters treatment.

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UPD 21 DEC 2016
Everything went as planned. The child is already back in her room with her mother. She is still running a fever and getting tremors. We’re waiting to see how the postop period goes.

UPD 18 DEC 2016
Bad news :((( In the past two months the tumor has grown again :((( At the Cancer Instittue the family was told that there is no point in chemo unless the whole tumor is removed. So at teh end of las week Sofia and her mother came back to the Institute of Neurosurgery. The surgery is schedules for tomorrow, December 19th.
Natalia will bring all the necessary surgical supplies to the Institute tonight. Since we did not have time to raise funds specifically for this surgery, we used the money from the Urgent Kids’ Fund.


UPD 15 SEP 2016
Sofia has been discharged! Good Luck!

UPD 07 SEP 2016
Getting post-surgical treatment, has started walking! Her mother prays all the time…