Matevina Karina, 13 y.o., multiple shrapnel wounds to the head, penetrating skull injury

The girl is from a village in Poltava region. She got her wounds from an explosion of a hand grenade, which was brought to a friend’s house by a 20 year old friend. In explosion part of the house was destroyed, the young man was killed and 6 children were injured.

Karina was urgently taken to the ICU at the Institute of Neurosurgery in Kiev, where the doctors are fighting for her life. Removing all the shrapnel surgically is impossible for medical reasons. One eye is seriously damaged. There is no way of knowing if the doctors will be able to keep eyesight yet.
Karina’s only relative is her grandma, who’s bringing up the girl on her own. She’s in shock and doesn’t know what to do and how to go on, and keeps telling everyone what a great girl Karina is, how she helps around the house, how responsible and caring she is.
To stop the inflammatory process, caused by the shrapnel, Karina urgently needs 40 vials of Vancomycin and probably other meds later on.

The family also need help with food and moral support for the grandmother.

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UPD  27 MAY 2016
Karina is getting better. Although her right side is still the same. After the discharge she will need to get rehabilitation as if after the stroke :(( She will need to learn to smile with the right half of her face, learn to use her right hand and leg again… Karina understands everything and is very scared! :((
Shrapnel will stay in her head, which is why she needs lots of antibiotics for her treatment, to neutralize the inflammation.
Pictured are the yesterday’s procedures to raise Karina’s spirit! She is a girl, after all :)) And being in a good mood is a big part of getting better!

Natalia Graschenkova — thank you! We don’t know another person who is willing to do so much for these kids… At any time, day or night, 24/7…


UPD 20 MAY 2016
Today Natalia Graschenkova and Karina’s grandmother gave Karina a little makeover! Since Karina got to the Institute she hasn’t had a bath once. Her hair was all dirty and tangled up. Thanks to the other Moms in the room for the shampoo. After washing Karina’s hair, Natalia gave her a little haircut. It all took about four hours, since some movements very painful.

Karina is conscious, talking. But the whole right side of her body isn’t working :(( Both her right leg and right arm just hang there… Same with the face — her right side isn’t moving. Tiny pieces of shrapnel are stuck deep in Karina’s brain, damaging it.

On the good side — we had a miracle with the medication! Thanks to Tatiana Usova! She paid for the 40 vials of Vancomycin and her friends delivered them yesterday!

Karina has enough Vancomycin for over 10 days now (including the vials we bought). Part of the meds are in the picture, the rest is stored with the nurse. Thanks!! But the doctors have also prescribed Meronem today. 6 grams/day. On Friday night they had 7 grams. We need 5 more grams for Sunday, since we will only be able to order more on Monday! Maybe someone can and wants to buy the meds and deliver them to Karina tomorrow or on Sunday morning? Thank you!