Nikolas P., 2 months old, hydrocephalus

Thanks to the doctors of the Neonatal Department at Ohmatdyt Nikolas now looks like this, with healthy pink cheeks. Up until a little while ago his life depended on AVL machines and incubators… Premature, abandoned. As often happens with premature babies, he developed hydrocephalus… The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, June 9th. He needs shunt placement.


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UPD 24 JUNE 2016

UPD 18 JUNE 2016

Nikolas is steadily getting better. The shunt is working well and the boy is gaining weight. He is now 4 kilograms! We are waiting for his stitches to be taken out and the doctors are talking about discharging him soon. Thank you everyone who helped and continues helping fund the little guy’s treatment.

Nikolas4  Nikolas3  Nikolas1  Nikolas2

UPD 13 UPD 2016
The surgery went well. The boy is out of the ICU and back in his room.


Nikolas P