Oxygen concentrator for the Pryluky orphanage

Typically, in Kiev, such kids get transferred to a hospital where they spend months in hospital beds. Kids, that have respiratory arrests. Apnea. The hospitals, however, do not have staff to care for these children, to play with them, there are no developmental activities, no physical therapy…
A few months ago a new baby with this condition came to the Pryluky orphanage. There’s a lot of work to be done with him. We’re having consults about a couple of potential surgeries in Kiev.
In order to reduce the risk of sudden death, to allow the doctors in Pryluky (it’s a two hour drive from Pryluky to the regional hospital) to provide timely assistance (oxygen therapy) — we need to buy an oxygen concentrator and an oxygen bag. Apart from Bogdan there are other kids who need it.

We contacted the supplier, they gave us a 20% discount, but we need to pay this week, because due to the exchange rate the price can change drastically. We need 25,000 UAH ($1,000).

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