Paloma Sh., 10 months old, hydrocephalus + heart defect

She comes from a children’s home in Kiev. Her situation is difficult. In order to give her a chance at a normal life, neurosurgeons and cardio-surgeons need to work together. Her treatment plan will have many steps and she will need several, high risk surgeries. The little girl is already hospitalized at Ohmadit. The doctors are performing all the necessary tests to determine an exact treatment plan. We need help providing the child with everything : food, diapers, wet wipes, medical equipment and medication. We might even need help providing her babysitter with food. We don’t know the exact amount yet, but it will probably be at least 30,000 UAH ($1,200).

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UPD 20/08/16

Paloma is feeling much better after the surgery. She had a shunt placed. Next step will be cardiac treatment. As soon as she is done with the post surgical treatment, heart surgeons will decide whether to operate right away or if she needs a little rest first.
Next surgery will be a more complicated one.

Paloma1 Paloma2 Paloma3 Paloma4 Paloma5

UPD 10/08/2016

Paloma has been admitted to the Ohmatdyt hospital and is getting test done and getting ready for a complicated surgery next week. Please pray for her!

Paloma 11 Paloma 12 Paloma 13

UPD 13/07/2016

Paloma is temporarily back at the orphanage. She had difficulties getting an MRI. She is also reacting badly to the hot weather.
The doctors got scared and decided to wait till August, hoping that she’ll gain some strength by then.
Thanks to everyone to responded to our call for help, we have raised 30,000 UAH ($1,180) for Paloma. This money will wait till she comes back to the hospital. In the pictures she is back at the orphanage.

Paloma 21 Paloma 22 Paloma 23 Paloma 24