Passed away :( Denis Ploschik, 2.5 y.o., hydrocephalus post tumor removal

It’s been a year of constant fight for the life of Denis for this family from Poltava. They have been through several tumor removal surgeries (both in Kiev and in Moscow), shunt placement, several chemotherapy protocols, radiation…
The boy stopped sitting up, talking, possible cortical blindness.
On January 26 the boy was admitted to the Institute of Neurosurgery with high intracranial pressure (progressing hydrocephalus), fragmented cavities. To relieve Denis’s condition she needs a second shunt placement surgery.
It will be about 12,ooo UAH ($670).

The family needs help!

UPD 19/08/2016
Denis has passed away…

UPD 25/05/2016
Denis is in the ICU in critical condition. Please pray for him.

UPD 25/03/2016
MRI showed that the tumor isn’t growing, which gives Denis’s parents hope. Denis got a scheduled course of chemotherapy at the Pediatric Department of the Institute of Neurosurgery. He is continuing with his treatment nonw.

UPD 10/02/2016
The surgery was a success. Denis was at the ICU for a long time, but is now back to his room. Continuing with the treatment.

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