Passed away :(( Samotaev Tamerlan, 3 y.o., tumor

Tamerlan was growing up a healthy boy, with no signs of a tumor, that grew together with the child. It all changed suddenly: the boy started complaining of severe headaches, became distant, stopped interacting.
Last week Tamerlan’s father and grandmother brought him to the Institute of Neurosurgery, his mother had to stay home with his 6 months old sister.
MRI showed a tumor of the fourth ventricle. He needed surgery. The first one was done on Friday. On Saturday Tamerlan had a hemorrhage and was urgently taken in for the second surgery. On Monday the drainage was changed.
Tamerlan’s father’s friends helped him purchase all the meds and supplies for the surgery. However, the family doesn’t have money to purchase the disposables and to pay postop treatment.
They really need help. Approximately, 50,000 UAH ($2,205).

UPD 17 NOV 2015
After several surgeries and doctor’s attempts to save the boy he passed away… May he rest in peace… :((

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