Returned. Schur Sofia, 7 months old. Hysrocephalus, malfunction

The girl was born prematurely, at 7 months… The pregnancy went well, no one expected this. As a result of a heamorrhage during birth the girl got hydrocephalus. She was brought to the Institute end of last week. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. The cost of the shunting system and the surgical supplies is about 20,000 UAH ($760).

The family doesn’t have this kind of money. They need your help!

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UPD 12/09/2016
Sofia returned on Friday and was immediately taken to the ICU. Shunt malfunction + inflammation. Sofia’s mother has three children and absolutely no money. They need medication and supplies for the surgery. Any money leftover from Sofia’s treatment at the Institute in March were spent on another child at the Institute. Anesthesiologist said that they’re getting Sofia ready for surgery. We will only know what surgery and when after the rounds.

UPD 20/03/2016
Sofia was transferred to the regional hospital in Boyarka early March. Thank to all our Agents 031, who brought food for the mother while they stayed in Kiev and those who even visited them in Boyarka! Sofia has been discharged and is back home!