Tsimbaluk Yaroslav, 16 y.o., hydrocephalus

In mid January Yaroslav with a 40C fever and vomiting was admitted into a regional hospital.
Before that (since his birth) he has already had numerous surgeries on his stomach and head: shunting system placements, malfunctions. Despite all that he’s a good student and got accepted into college this summer.
From the regional hospital Yaroslav was sent to the Institute of Neurosurgery. They arrived yesterday and today Yaroslav has already had two surgeries. He’s currently in the ICU. The shunting tubes were removed from Yaroslav’s stomach, as they were causing peritonitis. Also, the endoscopic joining of the separated ventricles.
They’re another round of surgeries in Yaroslav’s close future, which the doctors will perform to try and free Yaroslav from the shunting system.
Each surgery needs expendables and medications, about 30,000-40,000 UAH ($1,200-$1,600), which the parents don’t have.
Every dollar counts!

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UPD 03 FEB 2016

Little by little Yaroslav’s test results got better and he’s ready for the surgery! However, since his pressure keeps changing, Yaroslav needs a programmable shunt. They are expensive. The cheapest one — French is 31,356UAH ($1,220).


UPD 16 JAN 2016
Yaroslav has had two more surgeries, getting antibiotics therapy until the test results get better. Transferred back to his room. When the test results get better the doctors will decide if he needs a shunt or if he can stay without it..

UPD 09 JAN 2016
Yaroslav had an urgent surgery yesterday. Somehow he got his drainage out :((