Popov Omar, 9 y.o., disfunction of the shunt


On March 25th 2015 the boy was hit by a car. The craniocerebral injury resulted in hemorrhage, haematoma, brain swelling and as a result — arachnoid cyst in the fronto-temporal-parietal region. He had shut placement surgery in September. In October Omar’s mother suspected that the shunt isn’t working properly, so they came to the Institute […]

20 mattresses for the Children’s Clinic at the Institute of Neurosurgery — Delivered!!


  20 mattresses are urgently needed at the Children’s Clinic of the Institute of Neurosurgery to meet the requirements of the Department of Sanitation and Infection Control. The old mattresses in the preop and postop children rooms need to be replaced. We only have two weeks to do this before the the next inspection. We […]

Patronage. Roma V., 6 months old, orphan, tumor


Roma was supposed to come last week, but only got here today. A full checkup and preparation for the surgery is planned for tomorrow. Roma has been abandoned twice… First by his birth parents, and then again, by his adoptive parents, after they’ve learned about his condition. Roma is from Pryluky, where we took Timofey […]

Returned. Kerezora Masha, 2 years old, tumor, refugee from Eastern Ukraine.


Masha and her family had to walk out the Luhansk region. 10 km. During his “hike” her mother noticed Masha’s incoordination. They were sent to get an MRI in Lysychansk, which showed that Masha has a tumor; after which they were sent to Kharkiv. On her way there Masha started having seizures, so she was […]

Replacement of circuits in 2 AVLs in pediatric ICU


We need urgent help! Two AVLs at the pediatric ICU at the Institute of Neurosurgery have broken down. The Head of the Department called us asking to ‘save the day’. We need to replace two circuits and connect them to the heating system. Otherwise, all surgeries scheduled for next week will have to cancelled or postponed. […]

Under supervision. Titechko Dima, 2 years old, a tumor of the third ventricle


Dima is 8th youngest out of 9 siblings from a large family from a village of the Rivne region. Suddenly, the child became capricious, began to complain of headaches and vomiting. With these symptoms Dima was treated for food poisoning at a local hospital three times, before they realized that he needs a CT. A CT scan showed the […]

Vegerak Anna, 5 months old, hydrocephalus and arachnoid cyct


Her mother is a teacher, her father a shift worker — they make a very small living. The situation is difficult, the parents were hoping that the treatment would go faster. She requires long-term treatment due to various medical complications. She needs continuous treatment with antibiotics and ongoing supportive therapy. After this course of treatment, […]

Discharged!! :)) Genko Anna, 6 months old, congenital hydrocephalus


A girl from a large family from a village in the Rivne region. Diagnosis: Congenital Hydrocephalus, diagnosed at week 20. Anya was born at 37 weeks by C-section. After the birth Any and her Mom were discharged to go home and told to prepare for the surgery. A month later, the girl’s condition deteriorated and […]

Transferred. Alieva Marjan, 9 y.o., tumor

Alieva Marjan

A girl from Kherson region. During the summer she started having very strong headaches, accompanied by vomiting. The child was admitted into a local hospital, where the doctors said that «she was pretending, so she could skip school!». No MRI was done. They have been trying to get treatment in Kherson, but since Marjan was […]

2-3 diapers per group per day. Diaper shortage in the orphanages of Ukraine


Funds allocated by the government for the children at the orphanages aren’t enough even for the basic needs. We have been buying medication for the disabled kids at the orphanages for years now, even the most basic medication, such as paracetamol, as well as any kind of «special» formula. If, for some reason, a baby […]

Bogdanets Iryna, 16 years old, tumor.

Ира Богданец

Ira’s mother died when Ira was just 6 years old. Her Dad is raising Ira and her two siblings alone. The girl is very active, a leader; teachers in school believe she will grow up to be a journalist, a reporter, a fighter for the truth. Ira has suffered a couple of serious hits to […]

Passed Away. Sviridovich Ruvim, 5 years old, tumor in fourth ventricle and hydrocephalus


Ruvim in the 11th out of 13 children in a family from a village in the Rivne region. Three weeks ago the child vomiting several times a day, every day. His mother thought it could be parasites and tried to treat that, with no effect. Then started the headache. They went to see a pediatrician […]

Syringe (infusion) pumps for the newborns’ room


Ideally we would need 14, but at least we got two… :(( Infusions pumps are used for giving exact amounts of medications to premature and underweight babies. Syringe pump SN-50C66R (HEACO LTD, UK) — cost of one pump is about $1000. To make a donation please visit Details!  26/01/2016 Update Yay! We did it! Four […]

Home. Petruk Ruslan, 3 weeks old, spina bifida and hydrocephalus

IMG_20150812_150344 (1)

The family is from a village in Chernihiv region. Mother — school teacher, father — drives a tractor. As it often happens, the family did not expect to have a sick child. The diagnosis is very difficult, the family needs help with medication and purchase of the shunting system. They have no funds to purchase […]

В детские операционные Ин-та Нейрохирургии нужен электротрепан


В Детское отделение Киевского Института нейрохирургии свозят детей со всей уголков Украины и ближнего зарубежья с последней надеждой, и чаще всего, когда доктора из других регионов отказались или не смогли, в силу каких-то обстоятельств, помочь. В год тут проходят лечение около 5000 маленьких пациентов, а более тысячи — проходят оперативно-хирургическое лечение. Государство, к сожалению, обеспечить […]

Supporting the «Nadiya» orphanage in Pryluky


There are about 100 children living at the “Nadiya” orphanage in Pryluky. Some of them are children with disabilities. Two of them were under our care in the Institute of Neurosurgery: Tima and Roma. This post is not about them, however, it’s about all the children there… And their current needs: Medicine for children who […]

Медичні ліжка вже в палатах, залишилось придбати каталки, подушки та постілі у дитяче відділення нейрохірургії


Дитяче нейрохірургічне відділення — велике: 1-ша дитяча клініка, 2-га дитяча клініка, реанімація (загалом 16 палат на 60-70 койко-місць) + 2 операційні. Майже завжди відділення переповнене. Діти там живуть місяцями. Дуже інтенсивне використання. Порібна допомога в закупівлі медичних меблів, що не підлягають ремонту. Наразі у відділенні стався карантин і медичні працівники змогли перевірити стан палат. В […]

Ремонт 3-х медицинских отсасывателей в детской реанимации


Отсасыватель (аспиратор) — медицинских прибор, предназначенный для отсасывания жидкостей, частиц тканей и газов из полостей организма и верхних дыхательных путей пациентов. Постоянно используются в детской реанимации и при хирургических операциях. 3 аспиратора — сломались. Был сервисный инженер. Все проверил. Необходимо делать комплексную работу по очистке и замене некоторых деталей всех трех приборов. Нужна помощь. Цена […]

Neurosurgical children in the АТО zone


UPD 15 SEP 15  Depakine for Sheluha Sofia, a children from the ATO zone. Pictures is the mom holding it. We have received this letter from Elena Zalentova and a couple of pictures :)) I want to express my deepest gratitude to the 31 June Foundation for the financial support, thanks to which a was […]

$7,000 — Blood testing fund for Pediatric ICU


Olga (the name was changed) was brought to the Institute of Neurosurgery in an ambulance. A young woman of 35 years lost consciousness at work. By the time she got to the Institute she was already in a coma. Olga was admitted to the ICU and hooked up to the machines. For the next couple […]