Matevina Karina, 13 y.o., multiple shrapnel wounds to the head, penetrating skull injury


The girl is from a village in Poltava region. She got her wounds from an explosion of a hand grenade, which was brought to a friend’s house by a 20 year old friend. In explosion part of the house was destroyed, the young man was killed and 6 children were injured. Karina was urgently taken […]

Zhenya K. «Karlsonchik», 2 y.o., shunt malfunction


We know Zhenya for over a year now! He’s our old friend from the orphanage in Chernihiv region. The first time we met him, he captured our hearts with his ability to eat from the spoon in his sleep :))) Zhenya’s shunt placement surgery took place in Chernihiv. We have later brought him to Kiev […]

Maksim Dyachuk, 8 y.o., tumor


Maksim is the fourth child to a large family from a village in Khmelnytskiy region. His mother raises the children in her own. During the first year of his life, Maksim has gotten epilepsy, for which he took anticonvulsant medication. In 2014 the episodes stopped, but they suddenly returned in February 2016. Maksim’s mother took him […]

And again… Knives for elecric drill! Urgent!

Today, once again, we raise the question of how to continue operating on kids, if the only electric drill of the Pediatric Department at the Institute of Neurosurgery, which worked for two operating rooms for over five years, has no blades. It is the disposable instrument which needs to be purchased regularly, as they become unusable […]

Stepanenko Anastasia, 16 y.o., tumor


Nastya has been fighting her tumor for over a year now. She had three surgeries, 6 rounds of chemo and 1 round of radiation therapy. After teh surgery and treament she got better, she could even go abck to her regular life, go to school, but the disease is back… An MRI in February 2016 […]

Passed away :( Denis Ploschik, 2.5 y.o., hydrocephalus post tumor removal


It’s been a year of constant fight for the life of Denis for this family from Poltava. They have been through several tumor removal surgeries (both in Kiev and in Moscow), shunt placement, several chemotherapy protocols, radiation… The boy stopped sitting up, talking, possible cortical blindness. On January 26 the boy was admitted to the […]

Yaroslav Denisov, 2 months old, hydrocephalus


Yaroslav was born prematurely, at week 25, weighing only 950 grams, in Sumy. He was admitted to the Ohmatdet, the Neonatal Department, last week. He was diagnosed with retinopathy in both eyes and hydrocephalus. He was taken into eye surgery right away. And in two days he had a second surgery — for hydrocephalus. A […]

Cables for the pulse oximeters for the Neonatal Department of Ohmatdet.


The Department of Extremely Premature Infants at the Neonatal Center at Ohmatdet has received a priceless gift — nine pulse oximeters Radical-7. They come with no cables, however, to hook them up to the babies. This is the equipment that was bought specifically for the Maidan Hospital, but since they did not need them anymore […]

Shushval Margarita, 5 y.o., brain injury in a car accident


On December 29th, Margarita and her mother were on their to the New Year’s show at Margarita’s kindergarden, where she was supposed to be a princess. Her Mom was pulling her on a sledge and carrying the costume alongside the road. Visibility was good. The mother didn’t notice or her anything until suddenly something threw […]

Tsimbaluk Yaroslav, 16 y.o., hydrocephalus


In mid January Yaroslav with a 40C fever and vomiting was admitted into a regional hospital. Before that (since his birth) he has already had numerous surgeries on his stomach and head: shunting system placements, malfunctions. Despite all that he’s a good student and got accepted into college this summer. From the regional hospital Yaroslav […]

Tihenko Karina, 3 years old, hydrocephalus with ventricular fragmentation, post shunt placement surgery

Tihenko Karina

Karina was born prematurely and since then she’s constantly being sent to the Children’s Clinic at the Institute of Neurosugery. She has had surgery after surgery. We have already been helping Karina, during her earlier stays at the Institute. Karina’s mother is raising two daughters on her own, and unfortunately, she doesn’t have even nearly […]

Savchenko Nikita, 4 months, hydrocephalus


Nikita was born prematurely, during the 8th month of pregnancy and was put in the ICU on AVL right away. He suffered an intraventricular heamorrhage and as a result he got infection of the cerebrospinal fluid, as well as the separation of the ventricles of the brain. Nikita got a drainage system placed at the […]

Svetlana N., 1 y.o., multiple defects + hydrocephalus


First appeal: Vika is in the neonatal intensive care unit at the Ohmadet hospital. She was born at 32 weeks, weighing 1.6 kg. Her parents did not officially abandon the girl, but they do not visit her. Last week, her stomach has been operated on, and yesterday (19/06/15), around 7 pm, the doctors performed emergency […]

Klimov Mark, 1 year old, progressing hydrocephalus


The child is from Donetsk region, during the birth got entangled with the umbilical chord, acute hypoxia, was immediately sent to the ICU where he spent the next four months. After the treatment was discharged to go home. In November he started getting worse. On November 11th the MRI confirmed the doctor’s suspicion — he […]

Sagaydak Alyosha, 5 months old, tumor


A child from Luhansk region, refugee. Alyosha — long-awaited son of one of the soldiers of ATO area. In November, his mother noticed that the Alyosha’s head has started to grow. Testing at the regional hospital showed that the boy has a tumor. He was sent to the Kiev Institute of Neurosurgery. The surgery will […]

Gopko Nazar, 3 weeks old, spina bifida + liquorrhea.


The child is from the Sumska region. He was admitted into the Institute when we was couple of weeks days. He had a surgery last week; placing a drainage system. We were approached by the attending doctor, as the parents cannot afford to buy the necessary medication and disposables for the treatment. We have already […]

‘Aksel Partners’ gave us 950 meters of fabric for the 80 bedding sets for the Institute of Neurosurgery


When children get to the Institute of Neurosurgery, they live there for months, while getting treatment. Furniture, equipment, even bedding gets used very intensely. We bought new linens just a couple of years ago…and we already need to replace it. We cannot expect parents to haul their own sheets to the hospital, especially considering that […]

Lyubenko Stanislav, 2 months old, born weighing 650 grams, hydrocephalus


Stas was born at we 27 of pregnancy, weighing 650 grams. He’s a third child to a family from Luhansk region. Despite the doctors’ prognoses, the boy survived and is fighting for his life! Stas is being treated at the neonatal department at the Ohmatdet right now. As a result of the intraventricular heamorrhage Stas […]

Rehabilitation course for Roma and Andriy from orphanage in Boyarka at the Clinic of V. Kozyavkin


We have arranged for the two of “our” children in the orphanage in Boyarka to go to a 12-day rehabilitation course in one of the best rehabilitation clinics in Ukraine. Roma K. and Andriy G. Both kids have had surgeries at the Institute of Neurosurgery and are supervised by our volunteers from the Patronage Program. […]

Passed Away :(( Moshenets Andrey, newborn, congenital hydrocephalus

Moshenets A

Urgent child! We got the ‘surgical supplies list’ at 5pm yesterday and barely had enough time to buy everything by today’s morning. Andrey has already had the shunt placement surgery. We covered the cost from our ‘emergencies fund’ as we had no time to raise money for Andrey specifically. We’ll know more details later. Andrey […]