Savchenko Nikita, 4 months, hydrocephalus


Nikita was born prematurely, during the 8th month of pregnancy and was put in the ICU on AVL right away. He suffered an intraventricular heamorrhage and as a result he got infection of the cerebrospinal fluid, as well as the separation of the ventricles of the brain. Nikita got a drainage system placed at the […]

Svetlana N., 1 y.o., multiple defects + hydrocephalus


First appeal: Vika is in the neonatal intensive care unit at the Ohmadet hospital. She was born at 32 weeks, weighing 1.6 kg. Her parents did not officially abandon the girl, but they do not visit her. Last week, her stomach has been operated on, and yesterday (19/06/15), around 7 pm, the doctors performed emergency […]

Klimov Mark, 1 year old, progressing hydrocephalus


The child is from Donetsk region, during the birth got entangled with the umbilical chord, acute hypoxia, was immediately sent to the ICU where he spent the next four months. After the treatment was discharged to go home. In November he started getting worse. On November 11th the MRI confirmed the doctor’s suspicion — he […]

Sagaydak Alyosha, 5 months old, tumor


A child from Luhansk region, refugee. Alyosha — long-awaited son of one of the soldiers of ATO area. In November, his mother noticed that the Alyosha’s head has started to grow. Testing at the regional hospital showed that the boy has a tumor. He was sent to the Kiev Institute of Neurosurgery. The surgery will […]

Gopko Nazar, 3 weeks old, spina bifida + liquorrhea.


The child is from the Sumska region. He was admitted into the Institute when we was couple of weeks days. He had a surgery last week; placing a drainage system. We were approached by the attending doctor, as the parents cannot afford to buy the necessary medication and disposables for the treatment. We have already […]

‘Aksel Partners’ gave us 950 meters of fabric for the 80 bedding sets for the Institute of Neurosurgery


When children get to the Institute of Neurosurgery, they live there for months, while getting treatment. Furniture, equipment, even bedding gets used very intensely. We bought new linens just a couple of years ago…and we already need to replace it. We cannot expect parents to haul their own sheets to the hospital, especially considering that […]

Drill and cables to teh Stryker Electric Drill from the Ukraine Charity Foundation, UK


Huge thanks go out to our friends from the UK, the Ukraine Charityfoundation, Yuliya Bereshchenko, Oleksii Soroka and everyone involved! Thank you! These instruments that the doctors are holding cost almost 89,000 UAH ($3,738). These are the cable and the drill for the Stryker Electric Drill, which is used in two pediatric operating rooms. Without […]

Lyubenko Stanislav, 2 months old, born weighing 650 grams, hydrocephalus


Stas was born at we 27 of pregnancy, weighing 650 grams. He’s a third child to a family from Luhansk region. Despite the doctors’ prognoses, the boy survived and is fighting for his life! Stas is being treated at the neonatal department at the Ohmatdet right now. As a result of the intraventricular heamorrhage Stas […]

Rehabilitation course for Roma and Andriy from orphanage in Boyarka at the Clinic of V. Kozyavkin


We have arranged for the two of “our” children in the orphanage in Boyarka to go to a 12-day rehabilitation course in one of the best rehabilitation clinics in Ukraine. Roma K. and Andriy G. Both kids have had surgeries at the Institute of Neurosurgery and are supervised by our volunteers from the Patronage Program. […]

Passed away :(( Samotaev Tamerlan, 3 y.o., tumor


Tamerlan was growing up a healthy boy, with no signs of a tumor, that grew together with the child. It all changed suddenly: the boy started complaining of severe headaches, became distant, stopped interacting. Last week Tamerlan’s father and grandmother brought him to the Institute of Neurosurgery, his mother had to stay home with his […]

We need help paying for the pulse oximeter sensors and other disposables for the ICU


Disposables is a very sore subject to us… And a permanent expenditure. As it usually happens, we have an urgent need to replace the broken sensors and extension cables to the monitor of the patients at the pediatric ICU. Four sensors and an extension chord to the monitor cost 6,432 UAH ($285). The supplier already […]

Returned. Golub Sofia, 6 months, hydrocephalus


Emergency child. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Natalia has already ordered blood and everything necessary for the surgery; there was no time for fundraising. I believe that we not only need  to save Sophia, but her mother as well (as possible). Sofia was born at 26 weeks gestation weighing 700 grams because of […]

Passed Away :(( Moshenets Andrey, newborn, congenital hydrocephalus

Moshenets A

Urgent child! We got the ‘surgical supplies list’ at 5pm yesterday and barely had enough time to buy everything by today’s morning. Andrey has already had the shunt placement surgery. We covered the cost from our ‘emergencies fund’ as we had no time to raise money for Andrey specifically. We’ll know more details later. Andrey […]

Discharged! :)) Andriy P., 9 months old, orphan, congenital heart defect

Andriy P 5

Andriy was introduced to us by the Head Physician at one of the orphanages during a visit in September. He has a very complex congenital heart defect. He’s completely missing the right ventricle, and some of the valves and septums. Andriy also has some sort of circulatory system pathology. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to fix it […]

Popov Omar, 9 y.o., disfunction of the shunt


On March 25th 2015 the boy was hit by a car. The craniocerebral injury resulted in hemorrhage, haematoma, brain swelling and as a result — arachnoid cyst in the fronto-temporal-parietal region. He had shut placement surgery in September. In October Omar’s mother suspected that the shunt isn’t working properly, so they came to the Institute […]

20 mattresses for the Children’s Clinic at the Institute of Neurosurgery — Delivered!!


  20 mattresses are urgently needed at the Children’s Clinic of the Institute of Neurosurgery to meet the requirements of the Department of Sanitation and Infection Control. The old mattresses in the preop and postop children rooms need to be replaced. We only have two weeks to do this before the the next inspection. We […]

Patronage. Roma V., 6 months old, orphan, tumor


Roma was supposed to come last week, but only got here today. A full checkup and preparation for the surgery is planned for tomorrow. Roma has been abandoned twice… First by his birth parents, and then again, by his adoptive parents, after they’ve learned about his condition. Roma is from Pryluky, where we took Timofey […]

Huge thanks to Sofia for donating 6 hassocks to the Institute of Neurosurgery


And to Yulia and her family for the help delivering them! For now they’ve been put: 1) exam room; 2) preop room; 3) ICU on-call room.    

Returned. Kerezora Masha, 2 years old, tumor, refugee from Eastern Ukraine.


Masha and her family had to walk out the Luhansk region. 10 km. During his “hike” her mother noticed Masha’s incoordination. They were sent to get an MRI in Lysychansk, which showed that Masha has a tumor; after which they were sent to Kharkiv. On her way there Masha started having seizures, so she was […]

Replacement of circuits in 2 AVLs in pediatric ICU


We need urgent help! Two AVLs at the pediatric ICU at the Institute of Neurosurgery have broken down. The Head of the Department called us asking to ‘save the day’. We need to replace two circuits and connect them to the heating system. Otherwise, all surgeries scheduled for next week will have to cancelled or postponed. […]